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Rules of behavior

Rules of «Saryarka» Fitness Center  

General rules of the Center:

- Rules that have binding force upon all visitors and center members are established at the Fitness Center «Saryarka» (hereafter - Center).

- The Center Rules are aimed to create the safest, most optimal and comfortable conditions for effective trainings and achieving the planned results.

- The Center Rules can be overviewed or added by Administration in the case of necessity.

  1. The Center is opened daily according to work hours. Work hours of Center: Monday is a sanitary and preventive day, Tuesday-Sunday from 9.00 a.m. till 23.00 p.m. The Center Administration reserves the right to announce holydays as partly or fully days off. Information about any changes is posted on a news board of site and on the social networks of Center. Admission to the Center stops for 1.5 hours before the close of the work day. 4 hours is allowed for visiting the Center, one-time visit is allowed till 14.00 p.m. daily.   
  2. Sessions in the Center are ended in 30 minutes before end of the working day and it is necessary to leave the Center before end of the work day.
  3. For visiting the Center you should buy a one-time package of service or a club card, which includes: a gym, a swimming pool and a sauna.
  4. One-time visit: visitors must pay a cost of the one-time visit at the till at entrance according the price list of the Center (it is necessary to leave a document in pledge).
  5. Club card: owners of the club card must show their Club cards at entrance and take a magnetic key of the cloakroom wardrobe.  
  6. Clip card (personal training): the Clip card owners must show their Clip cards at the front desk and take a magnetic key of the cloakroom wardrobe.
  7. A membership at Center issues by the front desk administrators, who show the Center to visitors, advise them on types of the Club cards and purchase conditions, give information about kinds of training and services, the prices, a training schedule, an accident prevention, the Rules of Center and other issues related the Center. The membership at Center begins from the moment of issuing the Club card by the administrator.
  8. Any citizen who has reached the age of 18 years can become a member of the Center.  
  9. Each Club card is nominal and has an individual serial number. When buying the Club card you can pay for it in cash, by cashless transaction or by teller terminal.

10.  Administration reserves the right to suspend activity of the Center (the whole Center, separate sections) in the case of technical breakdown or emergency situation.

11.  According to the type of Club card the Members of the Center can be provided the following services:

1) individual sessions;

2) individual sessions at gym;

3) personal sessions with instructor at swimming pool and gym;  

4) visiting sauna and swimming pool (visits are included to the price of Club cards and one-time subscription).

5) Club card owners can visit the Center only once a day.

12.  Personal training is an individual work of instructor with the client according to the individual program based on the request of client and his physical condition. Payment for personal sessions and trainings is held by the system of 100% payment according to the valid price list of the Fitness Center. The Clip cards consist of 5 and 10 sessions which are available in a following way: 5 sessions within 30 days, 10 sessions within 60 days of purchase. The training lasts for an hour (60 minutes). The Club is eligible for changing the price for sessions. The Club must warn clients about the changes of session price no later than 15 days before the date when a new price come into force. 

13.  Group session. Payment for group sessions is held by the system of 100% payment according to the valid price list of the Fitness Center. The Clip card consists of 12 sessions which are available within 30 days of purchase.

14.  Services of “Personal training”:

- 5 and 10 hours of instructor’s individual work with clients

- One individual consult on sports dietetic

- Providing a meal and training plan

- Individual wardrobe in cloakroom

- Use the shower  

15.  Terms and conditions of holding the individual trainings determinate by Administration. The personal trainings can be provided only by the Center instructor. A registration to the individual training should be done previously with administrator on agreement with instructor. The individual training time is shorten in the case of late arrive. Cancellation or extension the date of the individual trainings (with pay) can be done no less than 2 hours before its beginning. Refund of payment for unused trainings will not be done.        

16.  In case of loss the Club card can be reissued upon a written application of owner. A payment for reissuing a new card applies according the schedule rate.

17.  It is necessary to provide a statement of good health (training permit) when executing a Club card.  The Club will not be liable for any changes in the health condition of the clients, and also for injuries which were gotten at the territory of Club. Nurses at the fitness center render the first aid (strains, sword-cut, bruises, burn injuries, blood pressure check and etc.)  

18.  A suspension of the Club card is possible upon an application of the Center member for the director. The sign about the terms and reasons of the Club card suspension inserts on accounting program (electronic data base). This application must be submitted previously. A maximum term of the Club card suspension is 30 days. If the physical load is against medical advice for health reason for longer term, the Club card suspension is prolonged for the term which is shown in the medical certificate. If the physical load disagrees on a regular basis the personal Club card can be reissued to the other person by agreement with the director of the “Cycling Olympic Training Center” Republican State Enterprise. If the Center member decides against using the Club card and against reissuing to the other person, the payment for unused trainings will not be refundable.  

19.  Visiting the Center by individuals with disabilities individually or in groups (having confirmation documents) is possible just if they will be accompanied by a person. Persons who accompany the individuals with disabilities pay 50% of payment according the price list.

20.  Study-training sessions for sportsmen are possible if there is an agreed schedule with the Center.     

21.  In order to provide safety of clients’ personal property there are cloth lockers for changing clothes and keeping the outdoor clothes of the Center clients, and special equipped strong boxes for keeping valuable assets (documents, cash, jewelers, mobile phones) which are situated at the front desk zone. The Center is not liable for lost or unattended things.

22.  A magnetic key/bracelet is handed out at the Center front desk after registration and checking the type and validity of card. After using the cloth lockers you should leave it open. If there are any problems with the magnetic lock you should request assistance of Administrator at the front desk.  It is not permitted to leave clothes in the cloth lockers of the Center after trainings. You should return the key/bracelet to the front desk before leaving the Center.

23.  For all questions regarding forgotten things please contact at the front desk of the Club. A storage period of forgotten things (swimming caps, swimming suits, soaps, and sports suits) is 3 days, and a period of forgotten valuable things is 30 days.

For loss/ willful damage of electronic key/bracelet of the cloth lockers a fee is charged according the schedule rate.

24.  Personal hygiene: You must observe the common regulations of hygiene and body esthetic, take a shower and change the training suits, use towels during the training at gym.

25.  The Center Administration keeps clean a territory of the swimming pool jointly with cleaning company and special company on swimming pool cleaning. Their work includes a daily cleaning of swimming pools, keeping the temperature of swimming pools and saunas according the standards of Sanitation and Epidemiological Center. A Cleaning company holds day-time and night-time cleaning in the territory of the Center daily.

26.  The listed below is forbidden on the Center territory:

1) to smoke, to be in a drunken condition, to drink alcohols, to be on drugs, to drink unpermitted medicaments;
2) to bring and carry weapons;
3) to bring and have foods and potables;
4) to bring foods and portables which were bought at a fresh bar of the Center to the training zone (except sport cocktails and water), to the swimming pool and sauna territory (except portable water from dispenser in the swimming pool territory);
5) to use musical and other facilities on your own;
6) to book places on your own at halls of group trainings; 
7) to hold training by the Center members to the other Center members; 
8) to enter the staff area, except the cases when there is a special invitation;
9) to hold photo and video survey at the Center without a special agreement of Administration.
10) Speaking loud and aggressive, using expletives in the Center territory is forbidden.
11) Any public actions (distribution of any leaflets, visual propaganda, holding promotional events for political and commercial expediency) which were not agreed with Administration are forbidden.  

27.  The Center’s client is financially liable for property damage (for example, for distruction, loss or damage of the material assets). According to the accepted price list for damage compensation in case of property damage or loss a charge will be made for damage which was done.

28.  Administration and the Center security reserve the right to refuse rendering services and expel from the Center territory the visitors who disturb requirements of Rules at any time without returning the payment for service.

Rules for visiting a gym, a swimming pool and a sauna:

29.  General rules: it is forbidden to visit at suspicion on existence of acute, chronic or skin diseases.

30.  Dress code: You must have a special exchangeable shoes and clothes (upper body must be covered at gym) for training at the Center. Especially these are clothes like t-shirts, sport trousers, shorts, sports shoes. For safety it is forbidden to train barefoot, in socks, in sandshoes or slippers and etc. You shouldn’t use a perfume with a strong smell before the training. The clothes must be clean and smart.

31.  You should learn and follow the instruction before starting the training at fitness equipment. For all questions of using the fitness equipment please refer to a duty instructor of a gym.  

32.  You must lay an individual towel on the fitness equipment during training on it. If a client uses fitness equipment more than one time, he should be attentive to the other people who would like to use the same fitness equipment. If a client notices that another client waits the end of training, he should immediately suggest using it one after another.  

33.   After training with equipment you must take away the weight plate from the barbell and put the dumbbell to the shelf. Any fitness equipment can be limited for use anytime (a repair, a preventive maintenance).

34.  Dress code: you must have a special exchangeable shoe (slides), swimming suit, and swimming cap for visiting swimming pool.

35.  The rules of conduct in the swimming pool are compulsory for all visitors of swimming pool.

36.  Adults who have already learnt the Rules of conduct at swimming pool are allowed to the swimming pool.

37.  It is absolutely forbidden to leave a child (children) under 14 years of age in the zone of swimming pool and gym without attendance of parents or accompanying persons. Parents and accompanying persons are absolutely responsible for a child safety in the territory of the center and especially swimming pool. It is not allowed to leave a child (children) to another child (children) for attending. The Center staff is not liable for life and safety of a child in the Center and swimming pool territory.

38.  Children under 16 years are given optional facilities (noodles) for the sake of safety.

39.  A sauna visit is included to the price of Club card and one-time visit. Using this service is free for those clients, who use trainings at the same time. The Center’s client can use the visit to sauna as a separate service of the Center under general conditions just after paying a one-time visit according to the actual price list on the basis of visit time or after debiting the next visit from the already paid personal Club card.   

40.  A sauna visiting can be stopped for a period of time determined by the Center Administration because of the preventive measure. The absence of possibility to use this bonus service in the period of preventive measure isn’t compensated by Administration.

41.  You must observe the Accident Prevention Regulations while using a sauna. An electric fireplace is in a working stage from 9.00 till 22.30. A maximum temperature in sauna is 90-100С.

42.  Visitors are strongly requested to observe the rules of personal hygiene. Using a sauna whisk and other attributes, masks, scrubs is forbidden. Using the smudging and strong smelled cosmetics and other body care products is forbidden too. It is necessary to take a shower before visiting sauna.  The shower is situated in the territory of sauna for your convenience.

43.  Visitors are forbidden to dry clothes and towels, also to leave their clothes and things. It is forbidden to have foods and portables in the sauna territory. We call your attention to the fact that using an essential oil and elixirs are not allowed in order to maintain an optimal comfort for all sauna visitors. It is absolutely forbidden to pour water in the electric fireplace, as it is electric. 


- turning on and off saunas on your own is forbidden (it works in optimal mode);
- you can stay in a swimming suit and use towels in public sauna;
- you can wear a swimming cap if it is necessary;
- please take off your make-up, contact lenses, jewels and watches before visiting sauna;
- please take a shower before entering sauna;
- 2-3 enters continuing for 8-12 minutes with 3-5 minute pauses between them are recommended. The first enter must continue no longer than 5 minutes;
- the influence of lower temperature (cold shower) is recommended after the second stay in sauna and short cooling down;
- don’t use flavors for sauna and don’t whelm the heater.


      - in case of elevated blood pressure or hypotension;
      - in case of serious injury of kidneys;
      - in case of nervous system disturbance (elevation of intracranial pressure);
      - in the case of heart diseases.

44.  Requirements to sessions:

- An interval of food acceptance before swimming must be at least an hour.

- You must take a shower with hygienic products (shower gel and soap).

- You must wear a swimming suit (swimming trunks).

- Entering to the swimming pool territory only in special shoes (slides).

- Please inform a swimming instructor if you cannot swim.

- Entering to the swimming pool for aqua aerobic visitors is allowed not earlier than 5 minutes before the training.

- You can enter the water just after allowance of a fitness instructor.

- Polluting water and jumping from the ledge are forbidden.

- Don’t stay for a long time under water while diving.

- A client can train as with the Center instructors so by himself. A client cannot hold a personal training for other clients of the Center.

- During a group session you can leave the water just with allowance of the instructor.

- You must pick up the sport facilities which were used during the training.

- It is necessary to have a shower after training.

Club card:

- Committee for sport and physical culture and its lower organizations staff have a right to buy a Club card for all service packages (Bronze, Silver, Cold, and Platinum) with 50% discount.  

- Students (full time, bachelor degree course. Master’s students and part time students are out of scope), pensioners (with confirmation documents) have a right to buy a Club card for all service package with discount. The students memberships are nominal (there aren’t a guest visit). Age limit up to 25 years.

- Students with foreign documents have a right to buy just the Bronze and Silver Club cards with 50% discount.

- Children from 5 to 18 (school age: with confirmation documents) have a right for one-time visit with 50% discount. If a child comes with an adult one visit debits from a Club card.  

- A Center member has a right to give his Club card to the third person. A Club card passes on the basis of letter of attorney of Card owner.

A visitor can invite three persons besides him to the fitness center on a bought Club card. One visit debits for each invited person.

46.  Children:

- Parents are liable for lives and health of their children;

Visits for children under 5 years are free, only 2 children with one adult are allowed.

- Children aged 3 and older are allowed to the swimming pool attended by one of the parents.

- Children from 5 years attended by parents must go in a locker room by gender;

- Children under 14 years can visit the Center only by attendance of parents or authorized person  no younger than 18 years (on basis of parents application about authorized person);

- Children aged 14 and older can visit the Center singly having a written application of parents. Moreover a child must observe these Rules.  

“Saryarka” fitness center Administration wishes you

a pleasant leisure and an effective training!

Records at the velodrome