Accommodation rules

Accommodation rules

Rules of accommodation in Saryarka

Citizens are accommodated at the hotel in accordance with the "Rules of Providing Hotel Services in Kazakhstan" as approved by the Governmental Decision of 21.04.2008 No. 366 "On Approval of Rules for Provision by Natural and Legal Persons of Shopping, Entertainment, Hospitality, Healthcare and Other Services in the Capital"

1. General provisions

1.1. These Rules of Conduct for the Guests of the Saryarka Hotel (further – Rules) shall apply to persons (Guests) staying in Saryarka Hotel (further – Hotel).

1.2. The Hotel is for athletes and participants of mass events registered via written applications of the Agency of the RK for Sports and Physical Culture and its subordinate units.

1.3. All Hotel Guests, including personnel, shall comply with these Rules.

2.  Booking and accommodation

2.1. Priority right for accommodation will be given to persons with confirmed reservation numbers. All others shall be accommodated on a first-come first-served basis

2.2. Reservation is considered confirmed after receiving customers' unique reservation number.

2.3. If the reservation is not guaranteed by an organization, reservation of your room shall be valid until 6:00 PM of the day of arrival. If you don’t check in until 6:00 PM, your reservation shall be canceled, and you will be accommodated on a first-come first-served basis.

2.4. Management shall provide accommodation to a Guest only for a paid period of time. After the paid period of stay is over, the stay may be extended at the request of a Guest stay only upon availability of vacant rooms. This paragraph shall be communicated to a Guest at the moment of signing the contract for accommodation (acceptance of an application or a fee).

2.5. In order to be entitled to stay in the Hotel, a Guest must show one of the following documents to the receptionist: passport (internal or travelling), ID.

2.6. Guest shall fill in the registration form and together with the above document transmit give it to the receptionist for registration. Upon free availability, a Guest shall choose the room category and pay for accommodation. Then he or she is given a door key

2.7. When leaving the Hotel, a Guest must return the room to the employee of the front office, then return the key and pay for services specified in the bill of a Guest, unless a third party officially claimed any responsibility at the account of a Guest. Once a Guest pays the bill, he or she is given the bill with a breakdown of services provided.

3. Payment for hotel services

3.1. Accommodation is paid for based on hotel days, according to the pricelist of the hotel.

3.2. Prices of hotel services for the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS and foreign citizens of Kazakhstan are in the national currency - tenge. Services provided by hotels are paid in tenge or by wire transfer.

3.3. Information on prices for rooms and additional services can be obtained from reception. Accommodation fees shall be charged based on the room category and services provided to the Guest.

 3.4. Children up to 10 years are not charged for accommodation (in case of families staying) if they are not provided a separate bed. If a child aged between 6 and 12 is given an additional bed, such accommodation shall be paid at special rates that can be obtained from the reception desk.

4. Rights and obligations of the Guests in the Hotel.

4.1. Guests of the Hotel may:

  • use their accommodation units, rooms for culture and general use;
  • use furniture, bedclothes and other property according to the model rules of provision;
  • require that deficiencies in housing and amenity services be addressed and improved;
  • terminate the contract with hotel at any time, having proportionately paid for services used up.

4.2. Guest must:

  • close all water taps, windows, turn off TV, lights and electric devices before vacating the room;
  • follow the rules of staying in the hotel, commit to cleanliness, observe silence, and public order in the room and hotel;
  • strictly comply with fire safety rules;
  • reimburse costs in case of damage or loss of the property of the hotel. Damage shall be evaluated based on the pricelist for damaging hotel’s property;
  • be responsible for behavior of those invited to his/her room;
  • pay for all additional services provided by the hotel in full and on time.

5. Guest of the Hotel may not:

 5.1. For purposes of ensuring order and security for the guests of the Hotel, Guests may not:

  •  leave outsiders in their rooms in their absence;
  • give outsiders keys and cards for doors;
  • store bulky stuff, flammables, explosives, toxic and drug substances in the room;
  • smoke in the room, halls and corridors of the Hotel;
  • move and take furniture and bedclothes out of the room;
  • be in the state of alcoholic intoxication;
  • use heating devices, if these are not provided in the room.
  • be in offices, utility rooms and other rooms without the permission of the Hotel’s staff;
  • leave minor children unattended;
  • use soaps in glass containers for shower;
  • disturb guests staying in the nearby rooms.

The management of the Hotel may refuse to provide services to a person who raises suspicions or has repeatedly broken the rules of the Hotel.

Management and security staff of the Hotel shall retain a right to expel persons who break these Rules from the Hotel at any time, without refund.