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"Mountain biking - for the reckless." Kazakhstan cyclists told about the victory at the Youth Olympiad


At the Youth Olympics which ended in Buenos Aires, representatives of Kazakhstan cycling were marked by a historical event - for the first time they won a medal. At the same time, Gleb Brusensky and Yevgeny Fedorov were able to immediately bring the country a gold award.

One of the key moments was the sacrifice - the coaching staff refused to participate in the Asian Championships and one hundred percent medals for the Games. In a conversation with the correspondent guys noted the credibility of the coach, which influenced the performance. The athletes also announced that they will start the new season in the Kazakhstan team of Vino-Astana Motors.

Cycling on the YOG was notable for its usual format. The highway was combined with a mountain bike. In total, the participants had five races, according to the results of which the winners were determined.

Brusensky and Fedorov took the lead in the combined competitions immediately after the first start. And then they managed not only to keep the advantage, but also to become in the end inaccessible.

- Tell us how difficult it was to combine a highway and a mountain bike. It is known that your specialty is road racing.

- Fedorov: It turned out to be very difficult to combine these two types in practice. We work on the highway most of the time. And “transplanting” to mountain biking is difficult. However, during the preparation for the Olympics, we devoted enough time to this kind of cycling. We were preparing in Spain, where we drove more than three races. But road workers are still difficult.

- Brusensky: I will add that if you do not prepare a bike, then it is generally unrealistic to show a certain result. Too different technique. Bike - this is more for crazy. At full speed to make the descent, jump from obstacles - not everyone can.

- The balance of power did in a special way in terms of the separation of the highway and the bike?

- Fedorov: In principle, no. We both worked in all kinds of competitions. I worked on Gleb during the group race, where he won. On the bike, I managed to finish second. Well done, great drove.

- How to develop a strategy? Still, the race was every day.

- Brusensky: Every evening the coach gave us instructions. Basically it concerned tactics. We needed to keep a close eye on certain rivals in order not to lose our advantage. He also gave advice to ensure that we did not make mistakes.

- This is the first medal of the Youth Olympics, won by Kazakhstan cyclists. Do you feel like heroes?

- Brusensky: You can say so. At past Games, our cyclists were in fourth-fifth places. Alexey Lutsenko, Grigory Stein, Nurgali Turybekov - they still remember their success as they fought for places. They were an example and reference point for us. I think now we will also remain in history as the gold medalists of the Games.

- Fedorov: We are very glad that we won. I have no words. Hard to pick up. It was nice how we were met. Warm atmosphere. From our cities people came to Astana.

- What is most memorable in Argentina?

- Fedorov: To be honest, there were other expectations before sending to Buenos Aires. In fact, the impressions were different. Poor city. In the Olympic village was difficult. Especially in terms of the fact that for 20 days they were practically in the same room. It is tired. But the organization was good. Everything was great: accommodation, food.

- Brusensky: I remember most of all the cohesion of the organizers. Plus punctuality. Everything was in order, under control. And the main thing is that at the races themselves we were provided with a full package: food, machines.
The city, of course, poor, but beautiful. Monuments, other attractions. It seemed to me interesting.

- What do you think, due to what you managed to win?

- Brusensky: We did not have the main guarantee of success. The result was influenced by the credibility of the coach. We totally listened to him. In particular, this concerns the decision not to go to the Asian Championship. He told us that we would not be able to show ourselves at the Games, there would not be enough of us. We donated it. Though they wanted to perform there. There would definitely be medals.

- How will the year be now? Already have competitive plans?

- Fedorov: Now we will have a rest. (smiles) In December there will be a gathering with the Vino-Astana Motors cycling team. We practically signed a contract with her. We think we will be able to show ourselves there. There were other offers, but we refused.

- Brusensky: Next year we do not know the competitive calendar. There will be World Cup races, Asian starts. And already from the level of the coaches will make and define us for major competitions.

Recall that in total at the 2018 Olympiad, young Kazakhstani athletes won ten medals: four gold, three silver and three bronze.


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