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Olympic Training Center "Nur-Sultan": Athletics


Meet the queen of sports - athletics

Dear Internet users, we continue our acquaintance with the kinds of sports in which the Center for Olympic training "Nur-Sultan" provides year-round training of young athletes, holds international, republican championships and competitions.

We present to your attention information about athletics.

On the history of athletics

Athletics is the most massive, popular and spectacular sport. At the Olympic Games in the disciplines of athletics, the largest number of medals are played and she is rightfully called the queen of sports. This sport includes running, running, walking, all-around, cross-country and technical sports. In athletics, athletes can engage in one or more of its types.

The ancient Greeks referred to athletics as physical exercises that develop endurance and lightness. Track and field athletics is considered a very ancient sport, the oldest of which is running. The first Olympic Games in athletics as a sport took place in 776 BC and this date is considered to be the official date of her birth. According to historians, the first Olympic champion, in its only discipline - running, was Koroibos from the city of Elis. The most famous athlete of the ancient world is Leonidas of Rados, who won the Games 12 times. The "breakthrough" in Olympic history was 708 BC, when the pentathlon, an analogue of modern pentathlon, was included in the number of competitions. In 394, after the recognition of the Olympic Games as a pagan cult, the ban on their holding was introduced by the last emperor of the Roman Empire, Theodosius I.

The new history of athletics began in 1937 in England with the 2 km race of Rugby college students, then similar competitions were held in colleges in many cities. In 1865. the "London Athletics Club" is created, in 1868 the US Athletic Club was opened in New York.

The first Olympic Games took place in 1896 in Athens, where a third of all awards, that is, 12 sets of medals, were played by athletes. The first Olympic champion was American James Connolly, who achieved the best result in the triple jump.

Initially, only men competed in the Games, women's disciplines were introduced in 1928. at the Summer Olympics, held in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Today 47 kinds of athletics are included in the program of the Olympic Games, including 24 kinds for men and 23 kinds for women.

On the history of athletics in Kazakhstan

The first sport of Kazakhstan presented at the Olympic Games is athletics, which has a history of over 100 years and is rich in talented athletes and outstanding coaches.

The first Kazakh sports day took place in 1928. At the championship of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), held in the post-war 1947, the team of Kazakhstan took 9th place. In 1960, Vasily Savinkov became the first Kazakh athlete - the champion of the USSR. At the championships of the USSR and the CIS, domestic athletes won 80 highest awards, the largest number of gold medals was won by Veniamin Soldatenko - 7, Amin Tuyakov, Vladimir Muraviev, Vitaly Savin and Lyubov Nikitenko (Kononov) - 6 each, Vasily Savinkov, Leonid Mikitenko, Zoya Ivanova, Natalia Sorokivskaya and Viktor Evsyukov - 4 gold medals each.

The first native of Kazakhstan to be awarded an Olympic medal was Gusman Kosanov, in 1960 in Rome he won a silver medal. The multiple champion of the USSR and after a sports career, leading the republican school of higher sportsmanship in athletics, made an invaluable contribution to the preparation of the galaxy of winners of the Olympics and world championships.

The names of famous athletes are written in gold letters in the history of athletics of Kazakhstan: Amina Tuyakova - champion, medalist of champions of the USSR, record holder of the USSR, winner of the gold medal of the European Cup in 1965, gold medal of the European championship, 1966, Veniamin Soldatenko - silver medalist of the 1972 Olympic Games ., 1976 world champion, 1971 European champion, seven-time USSR champion, Vladimir Muravyov - 1980 Olympic champion. and 1988, European champion, 1986, Vitaly Savvin - Olympic champion, 1988. Among the victors of Kazakhstan athletics, Evgeny Kadyaykin, Tatyana Lesovaya and other athletes are winners, prize-winners of world championships, Europe, Asia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Olympic, Asian Games.  

Olga Girzhon, the 14-time champion of Kazakhstan, the founder of the republican children's youth school of the Olympic reserve, left her bright mark in the history of athletics in our country; world famous Kazakhstani athletes became her pupils.

For athletes of Kazakhstan, along with the world and country championships, the Asian Games and Asian Championships are the most important competitions. At these games, our country has won 80 top awards: 22 gold of the Asian Games, 33 - summer continental championships and 35 - winter continental championships. The leaders of these competitions are Russian athletes Olga Rypakova, Victoria Zyabkina, Dmitry Karpov.

During the years of independence, athletics of Kazakhstan at the Olympics, world championships, and other major competitions are represented by athletes whose names are known throughout the world. Athletes of Kazakhstan Olga Shishigina, winner of a gold medal in 2000, Sydney, Dmitry Karpov, a bronze medalist in 2004, Athens, Olga Rypakova, a gold medal in 2012, London.

In the list of eminent domestic athletes - leaders of the largest world, European tournaments, who have become winners 3 or more times: Olga Rypakova - owner of 11 medals, of which 3 are Olympic, Vladimir Muravyov - 7, of which 2 are Olympic, Grigory Egorov - 6, including including one Olympic, Veniamin Soldatenko - 5, of which one is Olympic, Olga Shishigina - 5, of which one is Olympic, Dmitry Karpov - 4, including one Olympic, Igor Potapovich - 5, Oleg Sakirkin - 4, Zoya Ivanova - 3 medals ...

Kazakhstan continues to strengthen its positions in world sports. The Central Stadium of Almaty, the first among the CIS countries, received the certificate of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), which allows holding international athletics competitions. In another 5 regions of the country, the construction of infrastructure for athletics has been designed and continues.

The state pays special attention to the development of children's sports, in all regions of the country mass athletics competitions are held for young sports amateurs. For example, the Altay Kids Cup tournament, organized in the East Kazakhstan region, covers 20 thousand children of schoolchildren, the children's republican quadathlon tournament in memory of the master of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Vera Karpova is annually held in Karaganda, in a number of schools in Almaty professional coaches teach for free children to the Olympic sport: different types of jumping, running, kneeling.

The traditional international tournament Gusman Kosanov Memorial in memory of the famous athlete of Kazakhstan, the only one in the CIS included in the elite series of the World Association, is known far beyond the borders of our country, many champions were its participants. For many world athletes, the tournament is the most important link in the Olympic cycle, and also allows you to unleash the potential of the sports reserve.

This year the jubilee XXX "Gusman Kosanov Memorial" received an additional status - the possibility of holding the Continental Tour Bronze Label within the World Series, its status is also of particular importance - it takes place before the Olympic Games and many athletes win quotas in Kazakhstan. In this year's tournament, athletes set 4 records and competed in 37 disciplines, including children's starts and a relay mix.

The young capital of Kazakhstan in the city of Nur-Sultan has a sports cluster, where there is a wide range of various opportunities for doing sports for both professional athletes and amateurs of sports and physical education. The cluster contains large multifunctional sports complexes, cycle track "Saryarka", "Astana Arena", "Barys Arena". martial arts palace "Zhekpe-Zhek", ice palace "Alau". By the end of 2020, the cluster of the capital was replenished with the unique Athletics Sports Complex "Kazakhstan", which was certified by the International Association of Athletics Federation IAAF, and it is possible to hold competitions of the highest level there. The arena is designed for 7 thousand spectators and the complex includes athletic fields with treadmills, two swimming pools, gyms, a warm-up track with sectors for throwing a shot, high and long jumps,        

For the first time in Kazakhstan, on February 11, 2022, the X Asian Indoor Athletics Championship will be held at the new capital complex. The modern Athletics Complex will provide an opportunity for further popularization of this sport among the population and the training of highly qualified coaches, young athletes, and its management has been transferred to the Nur-Sultan Olympic Training Center.

Athletes of the track and field department of the
Republican State Enterprise "Center for Olympic training" Nur-Sultan "

1. Tarasof Efim - candidate master of sports in athletics. In 2019, he won the bronze medal at the Asian Junior Championships in Hong Kong. 
 Tarasof Efim.jpg

2. Nazarova Varvara - silver medalist of the Asian Championship among youths, bronze medalist of the Asian Championship among juniors, participant of the YOGA and Nanjine, record holder of the Republic of Kazakhstan among youths, youth and adults. 

Nazarova Varvara.jpg
Nazarova Varvara 1.jpg

3. Litvin Mikhail - MSMK. Silver medalist of the World Universiade in Naples (Italy). 

Litvin Mikhail.jpg

4. Eremina Valeria - bronze medalist of the Asian Championship in 2019 in Hong Kong in a triple jump. Multiple champion of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Eremina Valeria.jpg

5. Heinz Diana - Master of Sports. Bronze medalist of the Asian Junior Championships in the heptathlon city of Gifu (Japan) 2018. 

Heinz Diana.jpg

6. Zalyubovskaya Alexandra - kms. Member of the YOG 2018 (Argentina). Silver medalist of the Asian qualifying competitions for YOG (Bangkok). 

Zalyubovskaya Alexandra.jpg

1. Senior Athletics Coach Arzamasov Sergey Alexandrovich 04/09/1971 Coach of the highest category
2. Athletics Coach (Middle Distance) Stepankovsky Alexander Sergeevich 12/21/1980 Coach of the highest category
3. Athletics coach (jumping Ektova Ekaterina Alexandrovna 08/30/1992 Coach of the highest category
4. Athletics Coach (Obstacle Course) Avdeenko Elena Shamsunovna 02/01/1974 Coach of the highest category
5. Athletics Coach (Short Distances) Sergey Plotnikov 03/26/1989 Coach of the highest category
6. Athletics coach (jumping) Loshkarev Mikhail Vasilievich 05/04/1953 ZTRK
7. Athletics coach (throw and all-around) Nazarova Tatiana Anatolievna 09/22/1973 ZTRK
eight. Athletics coach (sports. Walking) Yuda Elena Nikolaevna 08/04/1977 MSMK
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