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Time for action, let's say there is no corruption!


The head of state, Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev, in his Address to the people of Kazakhstan "Kazakhstan in a new reality: time for action" noted that the fight against corruption is becoming more systematic and preventive work is being carried out with an emphasis on the causes of corruption.
Today, the fight against corruption in Kazakhstan has been given a nationwide status, together with public and political forces, a large-scale anti-corruption campaign is being carried out to eradicate corruption and prevent its manifestations. One of the main priorities of the anti-corruption strategy is the formation of the level of anti-corruption culture. For example, our Center (Nur-Sultan Olympic Training Center) openly and publicly conducts public procurement activities. The relevant information is posted on the site, thereby making this information available to any person.
To prevent cases of bribery, the Center has a special information corner and a box for complaints and appeals from citizens. Video clips about corruption and possible punishments are periodically broadcast on LED screens outside the Saryarka and Qazaqstan sports complexes. This work is carried out jointly with the Department of the Anti-Corruption Agency in the capital. A zoom conference was held in collaboration with the department's specialists on July 12, 2021. During the conference, they talked about the changes made to the anti-corruption legislation and the priority areas of the Agency's work, the strengthening of the responsibility of the first leaders for the commission of corruption offenses by their subordinates, they explained in detail the damage caused by the violation of the law to domestic sports.
In modern society, conscience, honor, justice should be in demand as moral values, the basis for spiritual improvement and the improvement of society. We believe that one of the main goals today is the formation and activation of these values, as the basis for the anti-corruption behavior of the state, civil society, and every citizen.
Now in the civil service it is necessary to improve elementary diligence, professional competence, the importance of such moral qualities as honesty and decency.
The conceptual basis for changing the anti-corruption paradigm is the ideology of integrity. Integrity is a complex concept that combines values ​​such as justice, legality, incorruptibility, honesty. The system of integrity provides for fairness and transparency in the activities of the state apparatus. An important factor in the prevention of corruption is the possibility of direct participation of employees in identifying the most problematic, acute issues, as well as ways to solve them.
It is the task of each of us to make the society in which we live as comfortable and safe as possible.
Work with the younger generation plays a fundamentally important role in the formation of an anti-corruption culture. Only the introduction of anti-corruption standards of behavior from an early age will make it possible to eradicate this social evil. It is important from childhood to educate a person in the spirit of Kazakhstani patriotism and rejection of corruption.
Numerous corruption offenses are a consequence of the weak legal literacy of citizens in the exercise of their rights and legitimate interests. In this regard, a large-scale explanatory work is being carried out among the population, systemic work to improve the legal culture of citizens, taking into account their age, professional and other characteristics.

Ansaganova A.
Chief Specialist of the Department of the Anti-Corruption Agency (anti-corruption service) in the city of Nur-Sultan

Kazhenov A.
Marketing and Advertising Department Inspector
"Center for Olympic training" Nur-Sultan "

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