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Rhythmic Gymnastics

The school of rhythmic gymnastics "Zhuldyz" is based on the territory of the gymnasium of the cycling track "Saryarka".

In the infrastructure of the school of rhythmic gymnastics "Zhuldyz" there are:

  • Choreographic Hall;

  • mats, Swedish walls, machine tools;

  • locker rooms and private lockers;

  • waiting room for parents.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a special kind of sport for girls, feminine and harmonious. Girls begin to be engaged from 4-5 years and since the childhood strengthen health, form a correct posture, develop flexibility, coordination.

Training groups are formed in accordance with age, focus, level of physical training.

Rhythmic gymnastics is not only dexterity, strength and endurance, ability to own gymnastic objects (hoop, ball, maces, ribbon). Thanks to the inherited from the ballet communication with music and choreography, it requires athletes to sense rhythm and music, develops expressiveness of movements, promotes the aesthetic education of gymnasts.

The skills of training laid down in childhood, and the basis for them - the performance of gymnastics elements, will always be useful in life. Implementation of special exercises with elements of rhythmic gymnastics will help the child feel confident, harmonious, expand the possibilities of perception and intellectual development.

Our address: Nur-Sultan (Astana), Kabanbai batyr Ave 45 A (northern entrance), 0 floor.

The telephone for information: +7 (7172) 572 806, +7 701 873 74 44, +7 701 018 13 81.

Official site:

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