"Astana" is getting closer to the playoffs

06 March 2017

Kazakhstan's "Astana" won a victory over Perm "Parma" - 88:73 (21:15, 21:13, 22:28, 24:17).Already in the first half the hosts managed to secure a comfortable double-digit advantage in the account. The defense of "Astana" allowed the Permians to gain only 28 points before the big break. However, at the beginning of the third 10-minute "Parma" by the efforts of Sergei Chernov and Sasha Zagoratsa made a breakthrough and almost overtook the wards of Ilias Papateodoru - 52:50 after the hit of Konstantin Bulanov. But the hits from behind the arc of Ian Miller and Robert Lowry returned the hosts a 10-point advantage, and in the final quarter, "Astana" was able to increase it. Kazakhstanis, having won the 9th victory of the season, are becoming stronger in the playoff zone.

The most effective:"Astana": Usman Krubally (21 + 12 rebounds), Robert Lowry (16 + 7 rebounds + 5 assists), Ian Miller (15), Leonidas Kasilakis (11 + 8 rebounds)"Parma": Sergei Chernov (14 + 6 assists), Konstantin Bulanov (13), Sasha Zagorac (11 + 5 rebounds), Maxim Dybovsky (10 + 8 rebounds)

The head coach of Parma Vyacheslav Shushakov: I'm happy with the play of my guys. Of course, today was not enough three-pointer Uhov, who was injured. Also there was not enough stability in the game. In the defense they fought as best they could. Of course, Astana is stronger than we are today.

Head coach of "Astana" Ilias Papateodoro: Very well played at the very beginning of the defense, especially against the leaders of the "Parma", in particular against Chernov well defended themselves. In the first half of the game we led 14 points, controlled the game. In the third quarter we lost concentration for a while, but after that we regained the situation under control and brought the case to victory.