Zhuldyz School of Rhythmic Gymnastics

Zhuldyz School of Rhythmic Gymnastics is based in the compounds of Gymnastics Hall of Saryarka Cycle Track

As part of the "Program for the Development of Physical Culture and Sports in the Republic of Kazakhstan" for 2011-2015, in accordance with the "Salamatty Kazakhstan" State Program for Health Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2015, as approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 29, 2010, No. 1113, "Zhuldyz" School of Rhythmic Gymnastics" has been opened in Astana.

The school has: 

  • Choreographic hall
  • Training hall: pads, wall bars, barres, locker-rooms, benches and lockers.
  • Parent waiting room
  • Fresh-bar

Rhythmic gymnastics is a special type of sports for girls, a quite feminine and harmonious one. Girls begin to train when they are 4-5 years old and improve their well-being, form a correct posture, develop flexibility and coordination. Training groups are formed according to age, orientation, level of physical fitness.

Rhythmic gymnastics is not only agility, strength and endurance, ability to master gymnastic objects (hoop, ball, clubs, and ribbon). Thanks to the link with music and choreography inherited from ballet, it requires a sense of rhythm and musicality from sportswomen; creates expressive movements, and promotes the aesthetic education of gymnasts.

Training skills ingrained from the very childhood and the foundation for these – performance of elements acrobatics - will always be useful in life. Performing special exercises with elements of rhythmic gymnastics will help your child feel confident, harmonious, and will enhance the ability of perception and intellectual development.

Our location:
Kabanbay Batyr Ave, 45 А (northern entrance), 0 floor
Tel: +7(7172) 57-28-06, +7-701-873-74-44, +7-701-018-13-81.

Website: www.rg-star.kz