Carles Martorell Baqués, Spanish coach (Children’s workshop at the Astana Arena)
"Overall, I am impressed by the Astana Arena stadium. I was pleasantly surprised by the sliding roof of the stadium, which provides all the necessary conditions for comfort. It is impossible not to note the quality of the field cover. The lawn looks very much like the natural. This is the most important thing. Both the stadium and the cover meet all the requirements. Our task is to explain to children our methodology and show how we do our work in Europe. We must bear in mind that working with children from Kazakhstan is different from our lessons that we give in our homeland. This is due to the specifics of children and their level. We had the opportunity to get acquainted with 80 children during two weeks. Among them are children of different capacities. Some children are very good at realizing their potential and maybe they will join the ranks of successful players of their country. We wish Kazakhstan more talented players".
Mohamed Yousef Al Mana, President of the Asian Weightlifting Federation
"What struck me in Kazakhstan is the flavor of all nationalities. This suggests benevolence and integrity of citizens. I thank all the organizers, including the administration of the cycle track for attention, order and good preparation for the Asian Weightlifting Championships in 2013. Hosting the Championship is, first of all, the experience for the Cycle Track. You have hosted numerous Kazakh competitions and events. We have heard a lot about the World Cycle Cup in 2011, the Asian Cycling Championship, and International Cup in Rhythmic Gymnastics. We wish your team success and prosperity. We look forward to our further cooperation at the World Weightlifting Championship".
Tamash Ayan, President of the International Federation of the Weightlifting
"Impressive arena. Great track. I saw a photo of Vinokurov in the arena of the cycle track, and I think Ilyin’s photo would be good there too (smiles). A very well organized event, lots of friendly people. If your organization passes all appropriate verification steps, the World Championship will take place at your place. We will be happy to hold a World Weightlifting Championship on the platform of the Republican Cycle Track.
Petrov Dmitriy – General Director, TREST-BASHKIRIYA LLP
"For the past three days we have been touring the city’s buildings. We used to see all of this on TV and the Internet, but now we have been given hundred opportunities to see that the infrastructure of the buildings in the capital of Kazakhstan has been designed by professionals. With regard to the cycle track, I would like to note the international value of the complex. You can see with a naked eye that everything has been made according to international quality standards. We would also like to note that not in every city you would be able to witness a sports facility, where all conditions are provided for a variety of kinds of events and activities".
Saryarka Cycling Track of Astana was visited by foreign guests, representatives of the Construction Association of Bashkiria
On the third day of touring Astana, Bashkirs visited the structures of Astana - the football stadium "Astana Arena" and cycle track "Saryarka". Guests were especially impressed by the sliding roof the football stadium and versatility of the cycle track of Astana.
Beybit Ystybayev, winner of Kazakhstan’s Kazaksha Kures Tournament "Kazakhstan Barysy" 2012
"I express my deep gratitude to all my fans, my family, my friends who came to support me today. I also thank the organizers and the coaching staff. We progressed to this victory: the days of continuous training, maximum effort. I want to note the uniqueness of the cycle track, where we trained for a week before the tournament, lived and ate here. Athletes have all the necessary conditions here. Believe me, it is much more comfortable than commuting for training and then back to the hotel. The cycle track has all of this under one roof. This is why it is unique"
Albert II, Prince of Monaco
"The infrastructure of Astana surprised me, in particular, the architecture of the Palace of Peace and Accord, Han Shatyr and a number of sports facilities. Also, Albert II noted that all the sports infrastructure of sports facilities, in particular, the cycle track has the potential for holding the Olympic Games and World Championships in Kazakhstan"
Tiagu Kozlowski, head coach of Baiterek Football Club
"We have lived in a hotel "Saryarka" for about six months. The cycle track has become a kind of home for us, where we come back after training and games. The atmosphere in the hotel is favorable; the housekeeping staff has a serious attitude to their work. The cycle track also has the restaurant where we eat and the gym. Near to us is a stadium "Astana Arena" - our training and playing base. All these conditions are convenient for us and we are happy that we have been accommodated in such a sports complex"
Rustem Mukanov, Manager of the "Astana" Basketball Club
"We have been based at the cycle track for the second year. We train in the gym of the Sary-Arka Fitness Center, train on the arena of the cycling track, play basketball matches, live in a hotel of the cycle track. We have become champions twice over these two years. We are satisfied with the conditions that have been established here for us. "