Отчет по антикоррупции 1 полугодие 2019 года

Report by Olympic Cycling Training Center on the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Action Plan in the first half of 2019.

The Republican State Budget-Supported Enterprise Olympic Cycling Training Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Enterprise”), by Order of the Director No. 23 as of January 22, 2019, has approved and posted an anti-corruption action plan for 2019-2020 on own website (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”).

The Enterprise has a box for accepting applications and appeals on officials’ unlawful actions from individuals and legal entities, which the members of the commission regularly open and draw up in the minutes of the commission’s meeting. It should be noted that no appeals to the illegal actions of officials have been made in the first half of 2019.

The HR Department when preparing employment orders monitors management position applicants to provide certificates of the presence or absence of a corruption offense, and monitors for the first time employees of a criminal conviction for corruption violations compliance with qualification requirements.

Along with this, the HR Department on a regular basis (quarterly) monitors and controls the period for consideration of appeals from individuals and legal entities under the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the Procedure for Considering Appeals from Individuals and Legal Entities”.

On March 26, 2019, in order to control and prevent corruption, the Enterprise held a round table on “The anti-corruption is the duty of every citizen” involving deputy directors and heads of structural divisions of the Enterprise.

On June 26 of current year, the Enterprise in order to facilitate anti-corruption education for its employees held seminar on “Building Anti-corruption Culture” with the participation of the official from the Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption Affairs in Nur-Sultan City A.A. Isakul. Many videos about the disclosure of corruption crimes and the prosecution of officials were showed at the seminar.

The Enterprise has placed on its website section “Procurement” a plan for public procurement, goods, works and services for 2019, as well as it contains a link to the Public Procurement Web Portal of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which provides access to all public procurement carried out by the Enterprise.

In order to prevent corruption, the Enterprise has arranged an anti-corruption information corner, which is located in a prominent place and is constantly updated.

In addition, in order to form an anti-corruption consciousness in the society, the Enterprise in cooperation with the Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption Affairs in Nur-Sultan has organized an anti-corruption video broadcast on the street media facade of the Saryarka bicycle race track.