Frequently asked questions with answers

1. Question: Operating mode of the fitness center "Saryarka"?

Answer: The fitness center is open from 7:00 to 23:00. Closed on Monday.

2. Question: From what age do children enter sports sections?

Answer: For sports classes, children are allowed: to the cycling section from the age of 16, swimming from 7 years old, taekwondo from 6 years old, mini-football from 7 years old and figure skating from 4 years.

3. Question: What benefits are provided for socially vulnerable segments of the population when buying season tickets to a fitness center?

Answer: Free access to the fitness center is provided for disabled I, II groups and disabled children under 18 years of age.

A 50% discount card is eligible to purchase:

- Pensioners for all types of packages;

- children from the age of 14 with the written consent of one of the parents;

- students (full-time department, bachelor, up to 23 years);

- students from foreign countries to the subscription cards Bronze and Silver;

- children from 7 to 14 years for a single visit with an adult who has a subscription.

No more than 2 children under 7 years of age can visit free of charge, with one adult person who has a subscription card

Benefits for visiting the fitness center are provided in the presence of supporting documents (identity card, pension certificate, birth certificate, certificate from the school, student card, etc.). Subscriptions at a reduced cost are nominal and cannot be transferred to third parties.

4. Question: How do I enroll a child to attend a sports section?

Answer: Information can be received by phone number: 8 (7172) 707- 152.

5. Question: What types of subscriptions are active in the fitness center and what is their cost?

Answer: A detailed description of the types of tickets for the fitness center and their cost are indicated in the heading "Fitness" - "Price List".

6. Question: What is the cost of a one-time visit to the fitness center "Saryarka"?

Answer: One-time visit for adults is 4000 tenge. Extreme time of entry to the fitness center with a one-time visit to 15.30 hours.