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We are pleased to announce that the "Saryarka" cycle track sections are in cycling.

You are offered a unique opportunity to practice on one of the best bike tracks in the world!

Today, cycling is actively developing in our city, and everyone can sign up for a section in order to gain certain knowledge and skills of cycling.

Psychologists believe that cycling will help to avoid stress and teach you how to make decisions quickly.

Classes are held by highly qualified trainers with special training who will be happy to pass on their experience and select a training program.

Classes are held on a track 250 meters long and 7 meters wide, slope from 12.5 to 42 degrees. 

Cost of classes:

Learning to ride a begovele 2 years:

  • one-time lessons 2000 tenge.
  • group - 21,000 tenge (3 times a week).

Training in cycling from 5 to 12 years:

  • one-time classes 2000 tenge.
  • group - 21600 tenge (3 times a week).

Training in cycling from 16 years and above:

  • one-time classes: 2000 tenge.
  • group classes: 22 000 tenge (3 times a week).

Riding on one of the best tracks in the world has become a reality for everyone!

Phone for information: +7 (7172) 707 152.

Records at the velodrome