"Belarusian dragon" flies to Astana


Tomorrow, March 4, the capital's basketball club will hold a home match in the regular championship of VTB United League against the team "Tsmoki-Minsk" from the Republic of Belarus. 

"Tsmoki-Minsk" is a Belarusian professional men's basketball club from Minsk, founded in 2006. In addition to participating in the VTB United League, playing in the FIBA European Cup. 

Champion Of Belarus 2009-2016
The Winner Of The Cup Of Belarus, 2010-2016 

Chronicle of past meetings: 
Basketball club from Minsk to VTB United League participant since 2010. The Kazakh club met with the team from Minsk on the site 9 times, where Astana residents were able to beat the champion of Belarus three times. This season, "Astana "has already played with" dragon " in the arena of Minsk, where it lost with the score 75:66. 

Current situation: 
For the second season the club is headed by national coach Alexander Krutikov, who also holds the post of head coach of the national team of the Republic of Belarus. One of the leaders of the team is the American defender Devon Saddler, who by the way is a naturalized player of the national team of Belarus. In League VTB Saddler average for game brings team on 13 points. It should be noted that the players of "Tsmoki - Minsk" are the main players of the national team of Belarus. 

Tournament table: 
Basketball club " Tsmoki-Minsk "on a row with" Astana " and Riga WEF practically divides one place in the standings. All three teams have the same ratio of games and victories, which means that each team will fight for a place in the playoffs of the VTB League. 

Comment by acting head coach of BC "Astana", Mikhail Karpenko:
-This is a very important game for us. The team of "Tsmoki-Minsk" is our direct competitor for getting into the playoffs, everyone understands this, and we and the opponent. Naturally, the match will be very intense and there will be big bets on it in terms of the standings. As for the team of Minsk, they are almost in the same situation as we are, from the point of view that "Tsmoki" are the basic club of the national team of Belarus, and the head coach of the club Alexander Krutikov is the mentor of the team. It should be noted that the Belarusians played their matches in the second qualifying round, lost to the Spanish team and defeated the current European Champions, the Slovenian team in a stubborn struggle. Therefore, emotionally, the players of Minsk will be on the rise, especially one of the leaders of the team Devon Saddler, is a naturalized player and stands for the national team of this country. As for the rest, we and our opponents have an equal number of victories. We are in the same position and of course we will play to win. First of all, we need to deal with the leaders of the team, it's the same Saddler, Kudryavtsev, who is a very experienced sniper, Kravis and Cherepovets. Our chances are good, if we do everything we plan to do in training, I think we will be able to defeat our opponents.

Where, when, what time? 
Arena: the Republican cycle track "Saryarka»
Time: 18.00 Astana time 
Stream: the Website of VTB United League, the site of BC "Astana" TV channel "QazSport»

Source: pbcastana.kz