Accommodation rules

Rules of accommodation in the hotel "Saryarka"

Reception, accommodation and accommodation of citizens in the hotel is carried out in accordance with the Rules approved by the Government Decree of April 21, 2008 No. 366 “On approval of the rules for the provision of retail, entertainment, hotel, medical and other services by individuals and legal entities in the capital”.

1. General Provisions

1.1. These Rules for staying at the hotel (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) apply to persons (residents) staying at the hotel.

1.2. The hotel is intended for temporary accommodation of athletes and participants in sports, cultural events, who are citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreigners.

1.3. The operating mode of the hotel is round-the-clock.

1.4 Hotel service is carried out on the basis of a contract. The contract does not have any particular form. It is considered concluded when one party accepts the terms offered by the other party.

1.5. These Rules, the list of services, the price list for services, information on the form and procedure for payment for services, on the storage of things, are located in the Reception information folders in the lobby on the 1st floor of the hotel.

1.6. These Rules are posted on the official website of the hotel

1.7. The rules for staying in a hotel, as well as fire safety rules and information about the services offered to the consumer are located in each hotel room.

1.8. The book of comments and suggestions is located at the Reception desk.

1.9. Key concepts used in this document:

  • "Hotel" - a specialized premises intended for temporary residence of persons.
  • "Client" - an individual or legal entity that has entered into a contract for hotel accommodation and is responsible for paying for accommodation services.
  • "Guest" - an individual who intends to be accommodated and / or is accommodated in a hotel.
  • "Visitor" - (stranger/relative) - a person who does not live in the hotel, but has the right to stay in the hotel from 08:00 to 21:00 with a one-time stay in the room for no more than one hour.
  • "Price List" - a systematized list of services for accommodation and additional services of the hotel, indicating prices, brief characteristics of room types and services provided, located in the reception and accommodation department of the hotel.
  • "Booking" - an action that ensures the reservation of a specific room in the hotel's room stock, confirming the right to check-in on the agreed dates.
  • Additional services  - catering services, personal services, communication services, etc., provided on a paid or free basis by the hotel;
  • Reception  - front desk for receiving and accommodating guests.
  • "Rules of accommodation, booking and payment for services" - a set of rules that establishes the procedure and conditions for living in a hotel.

2. Procedure and conditions for booking and accommodation

2.1. Persons with a confirmed room reservation receive the priority right to hotel accommodation. All the rest are placed in the order of the general queue.

2.2. In the absence of payment for an early booking, accommodation is not guaranteed.

2.3. If the reservation is not guaranteed by the organization, the reservation for the room is kept until 18:00 on the day of arrival. If you do not arrive before 18:00, the reservation is canceled, the Guest is accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis.

3. The procedure for registering hotel accommodation

3.1. Check-in at the hotel is made on the basis of a written application from the organization planning to stay at the hotel.

3.2. The Administration ensures that the Guest can stay at the Hotel only during the paid period of time. After the end of the paid period, at the request of the Guest, the stay can be extended only if there are free places. This paragraph is mandatory brought to the attention of the Guest at the time of the conclusion of the contract for accommodation (acceptance of the application or payment).

3.3. If you need to extend your stay, you must agree in advance the possibility of extension and the date of departure.

3.4. To obtain the right to stay, the Guest must present one of the following documents to the administrator: passport (civil or foreign), identity card, service card.

3.5. When leaving the hotel, the Guest is obliged to hand over the room to the administrator of the reception and accommodation service of the hotel, then hand over the keys to the room and pay for the services noted on the Guest's bill, unless a third party has officially declared responsibility for his account. Upon completion of the calculation, the Guest is issued an invoice for accommodation with a breakdown of the services provided.

4. Hotel services

4.1. Free services:

  • Providing boiling water;
  • Daily housekeeping;
  • Change of bed linen and towels 1 time in three days. Early change of linen and towels is possible for an additional fee;
  • Call an ambulance;
  • "Alarm clock" service at a certain time;
  • Temporary storage of luggage at the administration at the entrance and exit, but not more than 12 hours;
  • Taxi call;
  • Iron, clothes dryers at the request of the client;
  • Use of high-speed wireless Internet.

4.2. Additional services for a fee:

  • Laundry services (washing, ironing);
  • laundry, ironing of underwear - not carried out;
  • Equipped conference room;
  • Sports services;
  • Sports and health services;
  • Massage services;
  • Fitness center services.

5. Procedure for payment for accommodation

5.1. Payment for accommodation is carried out on hotel days, according to the price list of the hotel. The cost of the room, as well as the form of payment and penalties are established by the administration of the Republican State Enterprise "Center for Olympic Training "Astana":

Accommodation from 1 to 24 hours before the checkout time - the fee is charged for a full day.

The procedure for paying for accommodation is prepayment, payment in cash and by bank transfer at the time of signing the contract.

5.2. Prices for hotel services for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the CIS and foreign citizens are set in the national currency of the Republic of Kazakhstan - tenge.

5.3. When providing an extra bed (bed linen), a fee is charged according to the price list of the hotel.

5.4. When a child under the age of 7 stays in a hotel (with family accommodation) without providing the child with an extra bed, payment is not charged. When providing an extra bed for a child from 7 years old, a fee will be charged (i.e. with a 50% discount on accommodation).

6. Rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties

6.1. Persons staying at the hotel have the right to:

  • use a hotel room in accordance with the standard provision standards (furniture, bedding and other equipment);
  • demand timely elimination of deficiencies in housing and consumer services;
  • early terminate the contract for the provision of hotel services by paying the hotel administration an amount proportional to the hotel services provided.

6.2. The hotel administration reserves the right to:

  • refuse to provide services to a person who is in doubt or who has repeatedly violated the rules of the Hotel;
  • expel citizens who violate the requirements of these Rules from the territory of the Hotel, at any time, without a refund for paid services.

6.3. Persons residing in the hotel are obliged:

  • when leaving the room, close the water taps, windows, turn off the lights, TV and electrical equipment;
  • observe silence and the order of stay established in the hotel;
  • strictly observe fire safety rules;
  • comply with moral and ethical standards;
  • observe the rules of conduct in the Hotel, do not insult the staff, visitors and other Guests of the Hotel with actions and words.
  • in case of fire, inform the administrator or call 101 on your own;
  • indemnify in case of loss, damage or damage to the property of the hotel. The assessment of the damage caused is made on the basis of the price list for damage to the property of the hotel;
  • timely and in full pay for all additional services provided by the hotel.

6.4. Hotel staff must:

  • For the convenience and safety of customers, the hotel staff is obliged to briefly instruct the Guest about the basic rules of the hotel, how to use the room, room equipment, the prohibition of drinking alcohol and the prohibition of smoking.

6.5. Responsibility of Residents:

  • The guest is responsible for the actions of visitors invited to the room;
  • in case of violation of the rules of the hotel by the resident, the administration has the right to refuse the resident to further stay on the territory of the hotel with the obligatory drawing up of an act on this violation and inviting, if necessary, employees of the competent authorities.
  • in case of refusal to provide services to a resident, in respect of whom a measure was applied to terminate residence, a refund for paid, but unrealized accommodation services is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

7. Order of accommodation in the hotel

7.1. In order to ensure the order and safety of guests in the hotel, it is prohibited in the hotel:

  • staying in rooms beyond the specified time without agreement with the hotel administration;
  • unauthorized move-in is the basis for terminating the contract of residence;
  • leave strangers in the room in their absence;
  • transfer to unauthorized persons the key and guest card;
  • store bulky items, flammable, explosive, toxic, narcotic materials and substances in the room;
  • drink alcoholic and alcoholic beverages;
  • use narcotic, psychotropic and other prohibited substances;
  • use tobacco products in the room, in the halls and corridors of the hotel. Failure to comply with this rule entails a fine in accordance with Article 441 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Administrative Offenses" in the amount of 15 MCI (monthly calculation indices) for the corresponding year;
  • use heating devices, if it is not provided in the hotel room.
  • rearrange, remove furniture, bedding from the room;
  • consume alcoholic beverages on the territory of the hotel;
  • hang things in the halls and corridors of the hotel;
  • stay in service, utility and other premises without the permission of the hotel administration;
  • leave unattended minor children;
  • disturb the peace of guests living in neighboring rooms;
  • place pets in the hotel.

7.2. The hotel is not responsible for the loss of funds, credit cards, jewelry, jewelry that has not been deposited, as well as for the operation of city communications (power outages, water, heat, etc.),

7.3. All hotel guests, including hotel staff, must comply with the requirements of these Rules.