Rules of behavior

(Please clarify the information on the schedule: changes are possible due to quarantine restrictions)


1. Introduction
2. General provisions
3. Work schedule
4. Rules for visiting the Fitness Center:
      4.1. Gym    
     4.2. Pools and saunas    
     4.3. Visiting the Fitness Center by minors    
     4.4. Visiting the Fitness Center for preferential category    
     4.5. Visiting the Fitness Center during the quarantine period
5. General rules of conduct
6. System of benefits and discounts

1. Introduction

These Rules are established in order to create the safest and most comfortable conditions for people visiting the Saryarka fitness center of the Astana Olympic Training Center (hereinafter referred to as the Fitness Center), for effective training and achieving positive sports and fitness results.

These Rules govern the relationship between an individual (hereinafter referred to as the Visitor) and the Fitness Center and are binding on all persons located on the territory of the Fitness Center. Before purchasing a subscription card and concluding an agreement for the provision of services for a fee, the Visitor should carefully read these Rules and other decisions of the Fitness Center administration. Visiting rules are posted on the information stand of the Fitness Center reception and on the Internet resource

Visitors and attendants of the Fitness Center must strictly follow these Rules and Safety Rules, maintain cleanliness, public order, be mutually polite, take care of the equipment.

2. General provisions

Fitness center services are provided on the basis of an agreement concluded between the administration of the Fitness center and the Visitor, or on a one-time subscription card. The package of services according to the approved price list provides for several types of subscription cards, which have their own conditions and validity periods.

The fitness center is equipped with a gym, swimming pools for adults and children, saunas of three types. The list of services includes: visiting the gym, swimming pool, sauna, using locker rooms, showers, lockers, mini safes for storing documents and valuables, introductory briefing in the gym and swimming pool.

Personal training with an instructor, attending individual or group classes, as well as other additional services are paid.

The Administration of the Fitness Center, if necessary, may make changes and additions to these Rules.

Subscriptions are sold to persons over 14 years of age.

3. Schedule of work (during the quarantine period)

Days of the week





Sanitary day



















 Open      7-00      23-00


 Open      7-00      23-00

Time limits:

until 15:30 for visiting during the daytime,

until 18:00 for a single visit,

until 18:30 without time limit.

The duration of all types of fitness center services is up to 3 (three) hours per 1 (one) visit.

The possibility of transferring a subscription card purchased at full cost can be considered by the Administration of the Fitness Center in case of issuing a power of attorney to another person.

Suspension (freezing) of subscription cards Gold, Platinum is possible at the request of the Visitor addressed to the Director of the Center. The maximum period of suspension (freezing) of the validity of these subscription cards is up to 30 calendar days. Bronze and Silver subscription cards are not subject to suspension (freezing).

With one adult, no more than 2 children under the age of 7 years are allowed free admission.

All types of subscription cards are non-renewable.

If the Visitor decides not to use a valid subscription card and not reissue it to another person (reissuance is possible with Gold and Platinum cards), then the money for the lost days on this card will not be returned.

Training and sports sections are completed in 30 minutes. until the end of the fitness center. Visitors are required to leave the premises no later than the set time.

The Administration of the Fitness Center has the right to terminate the provision of services partially or completely.

Information about changes in the work schedule, price list, services provided and promotions is posted on the bulletin board, published on the Internet resource and in social networks.

4. Rules for visiting the Fitness Center

To visit the Fitness Center, the Visitor has the right to purchase services with a subscription card according to the approved price list. The subscription card serves as a pass presented to the Administrator at the entrance to the Fitness Center. If you do not have a subscription, you must have an identity document with you. The key to the locker in the locker room is issued in exchange for a membership card after registration.

The visitor is personally responsible for the state of his health, therefore, he must immediately notify the Fitness Center staff of any cases of deterioration of health during his stay in the Fitness Center, as well as notify in advance of any restrictions on physical culture and sports. 

For the life, safety and health of children visiting the Fitness Center, their parents or accompanying persons are personally responsible.

The visitor should observe the general norms of hygiene and aesthetics of the body, take a shower before visiting the pool and after the sauna, wear sportswear while exercising in the gym and, if necessary, use a towel.

Towels are issued to the holders of subscription cards and for a single visit at the reception 1 time per visit. In case of loss of towels, a fine will be charged according to the approved price list.

Before leaving the Fitness Center, the Visitor must hand over the key to the locker to the administrator, and put the towels in specially designated boxes near the reception.

If you find forgotten things, you should contact the administrator. The storage period for lost items is 10 days.

The Administration is not responsible for lost items.  

The visitor is liable for damage and damage to property belonging to the Fitness Center. For damage, damage, damage and loss of property of the Fitness Center, payment is charged according to the approved price list. The Administration of the Fitness Center reserves the right to suspend (terminate) the validity of the subscription card until the full compensation of the damage caused.

Towels are not provided for children under 7 years old.  

4.1. Gym

Before the start of training, the visitor is required to undergo an introductory briefing. During the introductory briefing, the instructor will introduce you to the basics of training, safety rules, equipment of the gym, the basic rules for using simulators, explain the technique of performing exercises, their sequence.

When providing gym services, the Fitness Center is guided by the fact that the Visitor has no contraindications to physical culture and sports. In the event that the Visitor violates the instructions for the correct operation of the fitness equipment, the Fitness Center is not responsible for possible harm to health.

Visitors are advised to use the equipment, choose the intensity and duration of training according to their level of fitness, and follow the instructions for use.

For classes in the gym, you must wear comfortable sportswear that does not restrict body movement, and sports shoes (t-shirts, sweatpants, shorts, sneakers).

It is recommended to start classes with a warm-up, control the correct technique for performing exercises and use sports equipment in accordance with its intended purpose.

It is forbidden to train barefoot, in socks, beach, slippers. After the end of the exercise, it is necessary to return sports equipment to specially designated places.

The conditions and procedure for conducting personal training are determined by the Administration and can only be carried out by an instructor of the Fitness Center. Registration for training is made at the Administrators.

If the Visitor is late for a personal training, the duration of its conduct is reduced by a similar period of time. Cancellation or rescheduling of a personal training with the preservation of payment is possible if the instructor is informed at least 1 day before it starts.

There are no refunds for unused workouts.

In the gym it is prohibited:

  • Train with unhealed injuries and general malaise;
  • In shoes with high heels, with spikes, barefoot, in open shoes (slippers, slates), Czech shoes;
  • exercise with a naked torso;
  • work on faulty simulators;
  • · put bottles of water on the simulators connected to the mains;
  • Move the trainers
  • · independently regulate the air conditioning and ventilation system of the hall, the volume of the broadcast and the selection of musical accompaniment.
It is recommended to take off objects that are dangerous when exercising in the gym (watches, voluminous earrings, etc.), remove prickly objects from pockets.

4.2. Pools and saunas

Before visiting the pool it is recommended:

  • observe a time interval of at least 1.5 (one and a half) hours before entering the pools and the last meal for comfortable swimming;
  • Before entering the pools, take a shower, wash off cosmetics, creams, if any, on the skin, remove plasters, bandages;
  • Do a little warm-up to warm up the whole body, increase muscle elasticity and quickly adapt the body to a lower temperature.

The visitor must have a rubber cap, bathing suit and shoes (slates).

After visiting the saunas, be sure to take a shower, follow the rules of sanitation and hygiene in the pool and sauna area.

If the Visitor does not have swimming skills, then it is necessary to notify the swimming instructor about this.

Visitors to group lessons are allowed to enter the pool only when accompanied by a swimming instructor. Children under the age of 16 are provided with assistive devices (noodles) for safety reasons.

There are no refunds for unused workouts.

In the pool it is prohibited:

  • run, pollute the water, jump into the water from the side;
  • be in the water (pool) without a swimming cap;
  • Use cosmetics, breakable objects in the territory of swimming pools and saunas;
  • bring and consume food and drinks;
  • to come with a baby stroller;
  • conduct personal training with other visitors of the Fitness Center;
  • leave a child under 14 years of age without the supervision of parents or an accompanying person;
  • enter the pool without taking a shower after visiting the sauna;
  • · turn on and off lighting, floor scales, dispensers, etc.
  • · open and close windows with special electrical switches;
  • The use of electrical outlets is strictly prohibited.
  • Move objects (chaise lounge, dispenser, etc.).

The administration reserves the right to suspend (terminate) the subscription card for violating the rules.

Sauna recommendations:

In the sauna, you must strictly follow the safety rules.

The maximum temperature in the sauna reaches 90-100C and the electric fireplaces are in working order from 07:00 to 22:30.

The visitor himself is responsible for the state of his health while visiting the sauna. 

A public sauna should be visited in a bathing suit, if necessary, use a towel and a headdress, enter 2-3 times with a duration of 8-12 minutes. and with a rest between sets of at least 3-5 minutes. At the first entry, it is recommended to stay no more than 5 minutes. After a second stay in the sauna and a short cool-down, you can experience the effects of lower temperatures (cold douche in the shower) if desired.

Visiting the sauna is contraindicated:

  • with high or low blood pressure;
  • heart diseases;
  • · severe damage to the kidneys, damage to the nervous system
  • · during acute, chronic diseases, with elevated body temperature.
  • Skin and venereal diseases. 

In the sauna it is prohibited:

  • use brooms, washcloths, masks, scrubs, other cosmetics and other attributes;
  • Dry clothes, towels and leave behind any things and objects;
  • Perform actions to turn on, turn off and adjust the modes on the panels and electrical panels of the electrical equipment of saunas and the steam generator;
  • pour water on electric stoves - heaters. In this case, the Visitor exposes himself to dangers such as thermal burns, electric shock and at the same time damaging the heaters of the electric fireplace. These actions will be assessed as damage to the property of the Fitness Center and subject to a fine.

4.3. Visiting the Fitness Center by minors (children):

Parents and accompanying persons are fully responsible for the safety of the child (children) on the territory of the Fitness Center, in particular, on the territory of swimming pools and saunas.

Children under 14 are strictly prohibited from entering the gym.

Before visiting the pool and after the sauna are required to take a shower.

Access to the pool is only allowed with a bathing suit and special changeable shoes. Children with long hair must wear a swimming cap.

No more than 2 children are allowed with one adult Visitor upon presentation of a birth certificate.

Children under 7 years of age visit the Fitness Center free of charge.

Children from the age of 3, accompanied by adults, must use the locker rooms according to their gender.

4.4. Access to the Fitness Center for the preferential category:

Children under 14 must be accompanied by their parents.

Visiting time for large families: Tuesday-Friday

from 07:00 to 17:00 (last entry 15:30)

Visiting hours for disabled people of groups I, II and disabled children under 18: Tuesday-Friday

from 7:00 to 17:00 (last entry 15:30)

  • Towels are NOT provided.

4.5. Visiting the Fitness Center during the quarantine period

During the quarantine period, in order to comply with sanitary and epidemiological requirements:

  • strict observance of social distance;
  • visiting the Fitness center in protective masks and passing thermometry;
  • observance of personal hygiene (treatment of hands with a sanitizer and personal hygiene products);
  • in case of flu and ARVI symptoms it is forbidden to visit the Fitness Center.

During the quarantine period, visiting the Fitness Center is strictly by appointment. The fitness center has the right to make changes to the work schedule in accordance with the current resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

5. General rules of conduct

On the territory of the Fitness Center it is strictly prohibited:

  • smoking, being intoxicated, using alcohol, drugs and unauthorized medications;
  • Bring any type of weapon with you;
  • bring and consume food and drinks in the fitness areas intended for training, on the territory of swimming pools and saunas, recreation areas and locker rooms;
  • independently use musical and other equipment;
  • independently reserve places in the halls of group classes;
  • conduct independent training with other Visitors of the fitness center
  • enter the territory intended for official use, except in cases where there is a special invitation;
  • make video and photography without agreement with the Administration;
  • speak loudly and aggressively, use profanity;
  • carry out any public actions (distribution of leaflets, visual campaigning, advertising campaigns) inconsistent with the Administration.

The administration reserves the right to refuse to provide services or to expel citizens who violate the requirements of these Rules from the territory of the Fitness Center without a refund for the paid service.

The Fitness Center is not responsible for technical inconvenience caused by the repair and seasonal preventive maintenance carried out by the city authorities.

6. System of benefits and discounts

Children under 7 years old, as well as children (under 18 years old) from large families with supporting documents visit free of charge.

Disabled people of I, II groups and disabled children under 18 years old (+ accompanying person) with supporting documents visit free of charge.

  • There are no discounts for personal training with an instructor. 
50% discount is given to:
  • schoolchildren, if they have a certificate from the school. For a one-time visit accompanied by a parent (this discount does not apply to an accompanying person);
  • full-time students;
  • pensioners, if they have supporting documents (pension certificate).
  • one of the parents of a large family for a one-time visit.
  • Disabled persons of the III group in the presence of supporting documents.
  • children of sports and youth organizations (under 14 years old) accompanied by a coach. Visit from 07:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.

The administration of the Fitness Center "Saryarka"  wishes you a pleasant stay and effective training!