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Fitness center "Saryarka" invites you to visit swimming classes!

Swimming is a popular and one of the most effective sports for improving health and mood. Visiting the pool, if there are no individual contraindications, is allowed for people of any age and gender.

This truly useful sport helps to relieve tension and stress, train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body, positively influence the development of the vestibular apparatus, develop the chest and lungs, keep the body in shape and mood at a high level.

During swimming, flexibility, coordination and mobility develop, metabolism is accelerated by 50-75%, joints and the spine are strengthened, almost all muscle groups work, and the psychological state improves.

Swimming lessons for adults and children of the Saryarka fitness center are conducted by professional instructors of this sport individually or in a group. Recruitment of children for the section is from 7 years old.

Classes are held in 2 pools:

  • swimming pool 25 m x 17 m, depth 2 meters, 6 lanes, water temperature 27C;
  • swimming pool 13m x 6m, depth 1 meter, temperature 30-31C (for children).

For your convenience there are changing rooms, personal lockers and showers.

Lesson cost:

Individual sessions:

  • 1 lesson - 5 500 tenge;
  • 5 lessons - 25,000 tenge;
  • 10 lessons - 40 000 tenge.
  • Group lessons for adults: 25,000 tenge (3 times a week) / 12 lessons.
  • Group classes for children: 18,000 tenge (3 times a week) / 12 lessons.

Phone for inquiries: +7 (7172) 707 179  (reception);

+7 702 250 58 59 Nurgaliev Aidar;

+7 778 580 62 08 Nurzhaksynov Yerkebulan;

+7 705 659 99 69 Ismagulov Sultanbek.