About the cycle track Saryarka

About the cycle track Saryarka

The Republican elot track "Saryarka" is a multifunctional sports complex, built in 2011 and recognized in the world as one of the outstanding sports facilities. Its unique architectural shape, imitating a cyclist's helmet, attracts increased attention.

The sports complex is managed by the Republican State Enterprise (RGKP) “Olympic Training Center “Astana”, which ensures its uninterrupted functioning.

The cycling track is part of a sports cluster located between Kabanbay Batyr and Turan avenues in the city of Astana. The stands can accommodate up to 9,195 spectators. In addition to the cycling track, the complex also includes an ice arena. The total area of the cycling track is about 45 thousand square meters. m., and the ice arena is 4.2 thousand square meters. m.

The technical equipment and design features of the Saryarka cycle track are truly outstanding and meet the highest international standards. Installed judging systems, timing systems, information boards, photo finish cameras and an automated monitoring system guarantee the safety and efficiency of the competition. And monitoring the condition of the building’s load-bearing structures ensures the safety of visitors and personnel.

Particularly worth noting is the track itself, designed for bicycle racing. Its parameters - 250 meters long, 7 meters wide, slope in turns 42 degrees, straight sections 12.5 degrees and movement counterclockwise - make it one of the best in the world. Major international and republican competitions are held here, sports records are set, and athletes have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills at the highest level.

An important aspect is also the versatility of the complex. It is able to quickly and efficiently be converted to host various types of sports and cultural events, such as boxing, judo, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, concerts and other events. This versatility makes the Saryarka cycling track one of the most important centers of sports and culture in the region, contributing to the development of mass sports and holding a variety of events for a wide audience.

Thanks to the developed infrastructure, the services of the sports complex are available to both international athletes and sports fans, including people with disabilities.

Under the dome of the Saryarka cycling track there are:

  • Track
  • Ice Arena
  • A fitness center
  • Gymnastics
  • Boxing gym
  • Taekwondo and martial arts halls
  • Game rooms
  • Mini football fields
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant complex
  • Conference rooms
  • Office rooms

The complex also includes: a bicycle center, a training complex, a bicycle repair shop, etc.

The sports complex operates year-round, and is very popular among fans, with sports sections for:

  • cycling
  • taekwondo
  • figure skating
  • karate
  • swimming
  • hockey
  • balance bike
  • judo

Ice Arena

The ice arena is designed in accordance with international standards and norms for holding sports competitions on ice. The ice arena skating rink is suitable both for the training process in short track speed skating and for holding championships and sports competitions in figure skating and short track speed skating.

The ice arena is a universal building that houses 2 more autonomous warm-up halls and uses modern developments in the field of ice technology. The facility is equipped with appropriate technical means, including a remote control and monitoring system, and video surveillance devices.

The total area is more than 600 sq.m. and includes 350 seats.

A fitness center

The services provided by the fitness center of the Saryarka cycling track are in great demand among the population of the capital . The secret of the success of this fitness center lies in an individual approach to each member of the club and the provision of services at a high professional level.

The fitness center has gyms, swimming pools, and three types of saunas.

The gyms, located on an area of 1,344 square meters, are equipped with the highest quality sports equipment from world manufacturers.

The training ground is divided into several zones where different types of equipment are located. The cardio zone includes treadmills, elliptical equipment , bicycles, etc. The cardio zone exercise machines allow you to train your heart, improve your well-being and health, lose excess weight, and stay slim and beautiful.

Fitness instructors, who are candidates and masters of sports, conduct individual and group classes.

The swimming pools of the fitness center are equipped with a modern system for cleaning and round-the-clock water filtration. The length of the pool for adults of 6 lanes reaches 25 m, width 17 m, water temperature is 26.5-27.5 C, depth 2 m. For small swimmers there is a children's pool 13 m long, 6 m wide, 1 m deep m., where the water temperature is 30-31C.

The pools have everything you need: changing rooms with changing cabinets, showers, towels. There are also several types of saunas: Finnish, hammam and wet steam sauna.

The fitness center offers individual and group swimming classes for adults and children. Classes include learning basic movements on the water and improving swimming techniques. For beginners, individual programs are provided, compiled by experienced swimming instructors.

There is also a ramp and an elevator for people with disabilities to enter the pool.

Martial arts halls, taekwondo

Halls for training processes in martial arts and taekwondo are located on the ground and first floors of the cycling track on an area of 665 sq. m. and 465 sq. m. respectively. The gym infrastructure is equipped with professional tatami mats, boxing bags, protective helmets, a boxing ring, punching bags, etc.

Game room

The gaming hall is designed for amateur tournaments and training sessions in mini-football, basketball and volleyball. The hall is equipped with soft sides for the safety of players and has a rubber coating. This hall has a mini-football section for children aged 7 years and older. The hall is located on the ground floor of the building and its total area is 695 sq. m. m., and the playing part is 411 sq. m.


The total area of the hall is more than 721 square meters. m., training – 410.4 sq. m. The gym is equipped with all the necessary equipment: parallel bars, beams, horses, mats, bridges, etc., and a special covering, the so-called “landing zone,” has been installed.

Street football fields

For active pastime of citizens, there are two outdoor mini-football fields on the territory of the cycling track. The total size of one field is 20x40 meters, the area of the playing area is 16x36 meters. Football fields are equipped with artificial turf, football goals and operate in the warm season (April - October).

Conference hall

The conference hall of the cycling track, located on an area of 297 sq. m. with a capacity of 120 seats, designed for holding official press conferences, briefings and meetings. To hold such events, the conference room has all the necessary technical equipment.


The sports complex also houses a hotel with 50 rooms and the ability to accommodate more than 100 guests; its area is 2,446.4 sq.m. The hotel is intended for athletes, coaching staff, official delegations, as well as participants in sports and cultural events.

Restaurant complex

Residents and guests of the capital can dine at the cycling track restaurant. The restaurant is equipped with professional equipment and provides set lunches and buffets for guests and employees. The restaurant has a special menu for athletes.