About Us

The Republican State-Owned State Enterprise (SOSE) "Center for Olympic Training in Cycling" (hereinafter the Center) was established by Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 359 of May 4, 2007. Initially, the Center was located in the city of Taldykorgan, Almaty region and with a branch in Almaty. Its relocation to the capital of Kazakhstan - Nur-Sultan (Astana) took place in December 2014 and was located in a unique architectural object, built in the form of a cyclist helmet, a multifunctional sports complex - the Saryarka cycle track.

The purpose of the Center is to prepare high-quality sports reserve - youth, junior and youth teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the types of cycling. The Center is also tasked with the effective operation of sports facilities and equipment, participation in the development of mass physical culture and sports movement, the organization and conduct of year-round centralized training of sports reserves and regular national teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan in sports and the provision of physical education and sports services to the population.

On the basis of the Center, 11 year-round centralized training of the sports reserve for national sports teams of youth and junior teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan is held in 11 directions of cycling. Young athletes are trained in the following types of cycling: juniors (highway), juniors (track sprint), juniors (track speed), juniors (highway, track), boys (highway, track, mountain biking), girls (highway, track, mountain biking), anders (women), mountain biking, youth line-up (track-pace), youth line-up (track-sprint). On June 1, 2019, the total number of athletes of the Center was 138 people.

Based on the Center, i.e. in the cycle track “Saryarka”, a number of sports institutions are located and conduct their training processes: rhythmic gymnastics school “Zhuldyz”, sports school No. 6 (cycling), DYUSHOR number 2 (figure skating), school to them. Munaitpasova, regional children-youth schools (cycling), professional basketball club Astana, youth national team of Kazakhstan on the short track, VeloCentreAstana LLP, Ice Skating School “Ice stars”, a private institution “Astana Diamond skates”, the National Triathlon team and the Federation of Triathlon.

Important work is carried out on the provision of sports services to socially unprotected segments of the population. In pursuance of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Social Protection of Disabled Persons in the Republic of Kazakhstan” and the creation of equal opportunities for people with disabilities to livelihoods and integration into society, the Center's administration cooperates with public associations of disabled people.

In order to implement the Concept of development of physical culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2025 and the development of mass sports movement among the population, the Center has sections for swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, futsal, cycling, taekwondo and other types available in fitness Center "Saryarka", which is actively visited by lovers of physical culture and sports.