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Running a balance bike at an early age has many benefits! For your attention - we highlight the main ones:

  • The balance bike perfectly develops the musculoskeletal system, symmetrically involves all muscle groups. The back muscles are strengthened, posture improves. Good load on the muscles of the legs, hip joints.
  • Thanks to training on a balance bike, the child learns to keep balance, coordinate his body and choose the right direction of movement, calculate the speed of his movement and balance!
  • The undoubted benefit of training on a balance bike is that in the process of training a completely different level of load on all muscles is created. At the same time, motor skills and coordination of movements develop, and as you know, the intelligence of the baby is actively developing along with this!
  • This option for the development of a child is not only useful, but also a very pleasant activity for kids, because it brings a lot of positive and cheerful emotions, gives the opportunity to feel the speed of movement, self-confidence and capabilities.
  • And training on a balance bike allows you to “skip!” tricycle and immediately change to a two-wheeled one! And our coaches will help with this!

We do training:

For children from 2 to 5 years old, group training on balance bikes.

For children aged 4 years and older (who already know how to ride a two-wheeled bicycle without insurance) - group cycling training.

For those who do not yet know how to ride a bike, individual training sessions are provided.

Does your child like extreme sports and tricks? Then sign up for BMX cycling! Our trainers will teach children: - riding a balance bike; - balancing skills; - tricks; - mastering the methods of driving uphill and downhill, the competent passage of turns and U-turns; - prepare young athletes for competitions.

SCHEDULE: Monday Wednesday Friday 18:00 19:00

Subscriptions: 28000 tenge - (12 training sessions per month, 3 times a week, with your own bike and helmet)

24000 tenge - (8 trainings per month, 2 times a week, with your own bike and helmet)

Rental (for one lesson) - balance bike / bicycle - 700 tenge, helmet - 300 tenge.

Trial training 3500 tenge.

Bicycle individual training: 8000

Contacts: +7 777 519 54 20