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The republican cycling track “Saryarka” has a Taekwondo section.

Taekwondo is a system of spiritual training, a self-defense technique without weapons, along with health promotion, as well as skilled execution of strikes, blocks and jumps, the mastery of which will allow you to stand up for yourself and protect yourself from attack in extreme street conditions.

Regular training in this type of martial arts strengthens character, promotes physical development and instills respect for others.

Taekwondo is equally suitable for both boys and girls and is included in the Olympic program.

Classes are held in the martial arts hall, with an area of ​​664.5 sq.m.

Enrollment of children aged 7 and older.

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Morning 10:30-12:00

Evening 19:00-20:30

Tuesday Thursday

Morning 9:30-11:00

Evening 19:00-20:30

Saturday 14:00-15:30

Payment for training:

Group 25.000 tenge (12 training sessions)

Individual 45.000 tenge (12 training sessions)

We will be glad to see you in our sports complex!

Phone for inquiries: +7(7172) 707 152; +7 707 324 74 59 Beisembay Alisher;

+7 771 198 97 22 Kasenova Azalia