Today in the tournament EuroChallenge, Astana beat Belgian Okapi Okapi Aalstar at home arena with a score of 77:73.

 Starting five: Jerry Johnson, Niklas Kaner-Medley, J'Covan Brown, Luksha Andric, Patrick Calathes.

 The score was opened by Patrick Calathes, who scored three-pointer shot, then Jerry Johnson throws 2 points, then Luksha Andric - another 2 points, but Okapi Okapi Aalstar responds with 2-points shot. Score in the middle of the first first period was 11:5, Astana leads. Basketball club Okapi Aalstar throws 3-points shot and the first period has ended, Okapi Aalstar missed that shot. Score after the first period of 20:13 in favor of Astana. The second quarter began with a 2-point shot by J'Covan Brown into the opponents' basket, Okapi Aalstar responds with another 3-points. On 7th minute Astana takes a timeout, after timeout Patrick Calathes throws 3-points shot. In the middle of the second period the score is 29:24. But by the end of the second period, Astana became leaders and on a long break the team went with the score 42:34.

After the break, Okapi Aalstar in the third period began to act aggressively, but Astana just was not going to give up and defended their basket. In the middle of the third period Astana was in ahead by 14 points. At the end of the third period, Okapi Aalstar gained the necessary points. The score after the third period - 60:50. Fourth quarter Astana started good, but Okapi Aalstar during the entire quarter played well, at the end of the quarter the score was 71:69. After all timeouts taken by both teams position has not changed, and the score was 77:73 in favor of Astana.

 The best in Astana: Niklas Kaner-Medley - 21 points, J'Covan Brown - 16 points, Patrick Calathes - 12 points, Luksha Andric and Rashid Mahalbashich - 10 points and Jerry Johnson - 5 points.

 Congratulations to our team with victory !!!

 The next match Astana will hold tomorrow, at home, in the tournament of the National League of Kazakhstan, against BC Kapshagay.