Track Cycling competitions


20 and 21 January in the cycle track "Saryarka" were the first competitions among fans of Cycling on the track " Velo life "for the prizes of state enterprise"center for Olympic training in Cycling."

The purpose of the competition "VeloLife" among fans of Cycling is to promote a healthy lifestyle, promote Cycling among veterans and Amateurs, as well as identify the strongest athletes-fans of Cycling on the track.

The competition was attended by more than 50 Cycling enthusiasts - women and men aged 18 to 60 years. Participants from many cities of Kazakhstan and Russia came to these competitions. Competitions took place two days, in the first day passed competitions on individual race on 3 km, and here in the second day-individual race - Git on 1000-500m.

All fans of Cycling sports were able to participate in the drawing of prizes from our sponsors - LCD "Axiom" and sports store "Winner". The lucky owner of the main prize - a trip to Egypt for 10 days (all included for two), was a participant under the rooms "15" Sergey Stepanov from Astana.

The guests of the event were Ants Dmitry Sergeevich - the representative of the store "Winner", Smagulov Serik Saylaubekovich - Director of LLP "Prime Development Company", brand LCD "Axiom", Tulpar Mansurov Karovic - Secretary General of the Cycling Federation.

To your attention the list of winners of competition among fans of Bicycle sports on the track "Velo life" on prizes of state enterprise "center of the Olympic preparation on Bicycle sport" which took place on January 20-21 the current year is offered:

Individual time trial open - 20 January:


1.Zhaguparova Aigerim;
2.Akzhan Akzhan;
3.Temirgalieva Dean.
men 50-59 years old:
1.Vladimir Zyryanov;
2.Copalnic Vladimir;
3. Klevanov Sergey.
men 40-49 years old:
1.Lisin Eugene;
2.Görlitz Valery;
3.Sergey Luzanov.
men 30 - 39 years:
1.Ants Dmitry;
2.Koshkimbayev Suleiman;
3.Karasartov Azamat.
men 18-29 years old:
1.Niyazov Sultan;
2.Tynys Akanov;
3.Andrey Karasev.
- Individual Git race (1000-500 m)women:
1.Zhaguparova Aigerim;
2.Temirgaliev Dean;
3.Mukanova Asia.
Men 50-59 years old:
1.Vladimir Zyryanov;
2.Copalnic Vitaly;
3.Alexander Karasev.
men 40-49 years old:
1. Görlitz Valery;
2.Lisin Eugene; 
3.Kropachev Gennady. 
men 30-39 years:
1.Ants Dmitry;
2.Koshkimbayev Suleiman; 
3.Valery Dmitriev. 
men 18-29 years old:
1.Kanaev Almas;
2.Sivash Ivan;
3.Niyazov Sultan.

The administration Of the center for Olympic training in Cycling, represented by Mukashev Bauyrzhan Omirserikovich, expresses gratitude to the co-organizers and sponsors of the event! And congratulates all winners with a worthy victory!