"Table Tennis Festival Astana Open 2022"


This weekend, the Astana Open 2022 Table Tennis Festival was held in the capital, in which more than 400 people from all over Kazakhstan took part!

The event was held in the Qazaqstan track and field athletics complex. Athletes and sports enthusiasts from such cities as Astana, Almaty, Karaganda, Kostanay, Turkestan, Petropavlovsk, Pavlodar, Shymkent, East Kazakhstan region, Abai, Mangystau region took part in the competition. The category of participants was sorted by gender and age: women, men, boys and girls under 18 years old, 19-39 years old, 40-55 years old, over 56 years old.

The following took part in the awards ceremony:

  • Deputy Head of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports - Karbozov Erkegali Davletkhanovich
  • Executive Director of the Table Tennis Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, judge of the international category - chief judge of the competition - Perevalov Alexander Leonidovich
  • Judge of the highest National category - Ishkenbayeva Karlygash Saparovna.
The first day of the festival ended with the determination of the athletes who made it to the final, on the second day of the event, the results of the competition were summed up with a closing ceremony and awarding the winners.

Athletes who took first place in the categories:
  • Category Youth under 18 - 1st place Kasenov Dinmukhamed
  • Category Girls under 18 - 1st place Nurman Nursaya
  • Category Men 19-39 years old - 1st place Gerasimenko Timofey
  • Category Women 19-39 years old - 1st place Zhanpeisova Aliya
  • Category Men 40-55 years old - 1st place Evgeniy Sidelnikov
  • Category Women 40-55 years old - 1st place Abzhanova Aliya
  • Category Men over 56 years old - 1st place Anatoly Abraev