Kazakhs will participate in the Asian Championships in the Philippines


In the Philippine city of Danao on April 30 this year, the Asian Mountain Bike Championship starts, which runs until May 7, 2018.

Mountain biking is a special bike designed for cross-country driving, particularly over the mountains. Competitions on mountain biking are one of the youngest Olympic sports. In mautinbayke there are several disciplines such as cross-country (cross-country), downhill skiing (downhill), 4cross and others. For each of the disciplines the bicycle has certain technical characteristics: the course of the shock absorber, the dimensions of the wheels, the alloy and the construction of the frame, the type of assembly.

The national team of Kazakhstan at the Asian Championship is represented by:
athletes Denis Sergienko, Bolat Niyazov, Nikita Kabachek, Dmitry Potapenko, Tatyana Bogdanova, Natalia Kharlamova;
Senior trainers Tynys Akanov and Artem Golovashchenko,
Mechanic Alexander Streletsky.

We wish our sportsmen victorious performances!

OTC Press service of cycling