The best results of the tournament in figure skating


February 18, 2018 at the ice rink of the Republican cycle track "Saryarka" ended youth figure skating tournament "Diamond skate".

The results of the best sportsmen of our country are offered to your attention: 

Young skater 2010:
1st place - Melkonyan Araxi;
2nd place - Polina Sipina;
3rd place-Gauhar Bolat.

2 sports category:
1st place - Abay Sadykov;
2nd place - Ansar Ismuhambetov;

3 Junior level:
1st place - Altynai Nurseit;
2nd place - Diana Adultcity;
3rd place-Adel khasenova.

1 Junior rank:
1st place - Pauline Chuprikova;
2nd place - Vic Basova;
3rd place - Nurbibi Zabarankin.

2 youth group "B":
1st place - Nalina Ponomarenko;
2nd place - Barbara Potanin;
3rd place - Binsar Serik.

2 Junior level:
1st place - Salem Abilova;
2nd place - Inara Ishmuhambetova;
3rd place - Malik Shauket.

1 youth group "B":
1st place - Aiganym Gateat;
2nd place - Malika Asian;
3rd place-Aysara Besbaeva.

2 youthful:
1st place - Amal Generaly;
2nd place - Gregory Osintsev;
3rd place - Rasul Gateat.

1 sports:
1 place-Valeria Masalova;
2nd place - Elizabeth Mashkina;
3rd place - Alina botín.

2 sports category:
1st place - Sabina Botin;
2nd place - Milena Do;
3rd place - Maria Prokopenko.

Young skater boys group "A":
1 place - Alisher Agzam;
2nd place - Rubber George;
3rd place - Shpuling Daniel.

Young skater boys group "B":
1st place - Kuandyk Kosman;
2nd place - Damir Ryskulbek.

3 youthful girls group "B":
1st place - sartayeva Emilia.

Young skater 2011:
1st place - Kamran Feride;
2nd place - Askarov Leila;
3rd place - Jamil Adultcity.

We congratulate our young Champions and wish them further success and new victories! 

Press service of the PSC Cycling