On the ice arena held a festive New Year performance skaters


Today on the ice arena of the republican cycle track "Saryarka" a festive New Year's performance of figure skaters took place. The children participating in the ice rink of the sports section of the Olympic cycling training center (the Center) took part in the demonstration performance.

This event contributes to the development of mass sports in our country, including figure skating, raising the level of sportsmanship of figure skaters and identifying gifted children.

More than 40 athletes of the Center’s figure skating section, aged 4 to 12 years, took part in the performance. Under classical and modern music, young figure skaters showed good physical training, reaction speed, concentration, strength and agility acquired during the years of training in the sports sections of the Center. Akhmetova Malika sang Rosa Rymbayeva's song “Bloom my land!”, And Nurseit Altynarai played the sazsyrnay instrument. Young athletes from the Center were awarded New Year's gifts.

Press Service of the Cycling Bicycle