Our cyclists justified the hope of the country at the Olympics


Recall, from 6 to 18 October, the III Summer Youth Olympic Games took place in Argentina. Cyclists defending the honor of our country showed the best result in the competition. Athletes participated in combined cycling competitions, which include cycling on the highway and mountain biking, in the pair-team race, in the group race, mountain biking and criteria.

According to the results of the competition, two athletes Gleb Brusensky and Evgeny Fedorov took 1st place in five types of competitions, 2nd place in the kritriume. In the history of the country for the first time at the Youth Olympic Games, two cyclists won the gold medal in the piggy bank of Kazakhstan. A significant contribution to winning the gold medal was made by the coaching headquarters of the Center for Olympic training in cycling.

In addition, Marina Kurnosova and Svetlana Pashchenko took the sixth place in cycling on the YOG in Argentina. Center athletes scored 149 points in five starts. The first were athletes from Denmark. The second place was left for the Austrians, and the Hungarian team won the bronze.

Congratulations to the athletes of the Center and the coaching staff with a well-deserved victory at the III Summer Youth Olympic Games and we wish them to achieve high sports results in the future!

Press Service of the Cycling Bicycle