Useful properties of massage


Massage - this means exposure to the skin, muscles, joints, central nervous system and the whole body, completely without any drugs.

Receiving massage can positively affect all organs.

Pros after the massage:

  • Improves blood circulation;

  • normalizes metabolism;

  • Activate the vital functions of the body;

  • Through the skin secrete sweat and grease;

  • removes toxins;

  • C in the form of flakes of skin are removed obsolete cell surface layer;

  • opens the pores;

  • Pleasant warm and vibrant sensations spread to the whole body, stimulating or decelerating the central nervous system, depending on the techniques used;

  • It is known that with age, the skin loses its firmness, smoothness and elasticity. These changes can significantly soften and push through massage.Medicinal properties of massage. Massage can:

  • Soothe;

  • Unmark strong nervous and physical stress, relieve fatigue;

  • To create conditions for a peaceful and deep sleep;

  • Can lift your mood when a man is in a state of apathy;

  • Improve physical and mental health.

  • Those who are involved in sports, massage can almost completely replace the workout.

  • And even those who are not able to play sports, but wants to maintain the correct shape of the body, massage is the best assistant.

  • To help in solving the problems of excess weight and body fat.

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