Our Taekwondo athletes won four medals


Every year athletes from Saryarka Velodrome add another medal to the collection. Moreover, in the current Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan, held in Almaty on 2-5 June 2019, the young Taekwondo athletes from the Cycling Olympic Training Center won 4 medals.

The current tournament was a great way to test own strength and see powerful young athletes. In the semifinal and final fights, athletes did their best and showed quite a beauty contest.

In the individual race and within weight categories, the following athletes won three silver and one bronze medals:
Eleanora Sheraly - 2 place in the weight category: 28kg.
Balnur Kaumbay - 2 place in the weight category: 34kg.
Aruzhan Kudaibergenova - 2 place in the weight category: 30kg.
Balaus Arapat - 3 place in the weight category: 26kg.

We congratulate the young fighters on their victory, and wish to raise to another one lofty pedestal!