Cyclists will prepare for international competitions in the capital of Uzbekistan


Athletes of the track-sprint cycling department (juniors, junior women) of the Olympic Training Center (OCP) “Astana” from April 10 to 27 of this year take part in a training camp on special physical training, taking place in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent.

This training camp is attended by 8 employees of the Central Operations Center:

1. Daniyar Shayakhmetov

2. Dias Bazarbekov

3. Arkady Shemet

4. Maxim Kotlyar

5. Diana Kosolapova

6. Anna Petukhova

7. Anna Proskurina

8. Danil Zhuravsky

7. Igor Ardashev – mechanic

8. Pavel Vorzhev – coach.