"Astana" beat Minsk "dragons".


"Astana" on the home parquet defeated the Belarusian "Tsmoki Minsk". 

From the first minute Tsmoki began to successfully attack the ring. Sniper Saddler team just left no chance "Astana". The first ten-minute remained for visitors — 19:27. In the second period, the hosts of the parquet were rehabilitated, accurate throws, good protection, and the high pace of the game helped Astana catch up with the opponent. But, and the second period also remained for guests-32: 33. 

After a long break Astana residents seemed to come out with new strength. Good game was shown by Leonidas Katelaris and IR Udana, who pleased fans with his trademark dunk. By the end of the third period "Astana" has secured a good advantage of 12 points. As a result - 57: 45 in favor of "Astana". The final period showed which team was stronger. The meeting ended with the score 77: 59 in favor of Astana. 

The most productive: 
"Astana": Leonidas Katelaris (16 + 7 rebounds), IR Udana (14 + 14 rebounds), Justin Carter (12) and Larry Gordon (12). "Tsmoki-Minsk": Devon Saddler (11), Justin Gray (11). 

Acting head coach of BC "Astana", Mikhail Karpenko: 
- Today was the best support of the season-thanks to the fans. On the eve of March 8, we dedicate this victory to all the girls! Of course, we started the match very nervously. A break in the games could not but affect-we did not feel the rhythm. In the first half gently defended, once added to the aggression immediately, the situation changed. Played the backlog of 15 points and finished the first half on an equal footing. During the break I told you not to slow down the pace, be more aggressive. It happened I am grateful to my players. 

Head coach of "Tsmoki-Minsk" Alexander Krutikov: 
- I congratulate the hosts, in the second half of the match we looked very weak. A well-deserved victory of "Astana". 

The next matches "Astana" will hold on its site, from 5 to 7 March in the capital will host the annual tournament for the Cup of Kazakhstan on basketball among men's teams. 

The next match in the framework of VTB United League "Astana" will be held on its parquet, on March 11, the capitals basketball players will take the Khimki club on their parquet.

Source: pbcastana.kz