With the holiday of courage and courage - Victory Day!


Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War and home front workers!
Dear Kazakhstan!
We sincerely congratulate you on the sacred and great holiday - Victory Day!

May 9 in Kazakhstan is one of the most revered and significant holidays. This is the day of memory of those who gave their lives in the fight against the fascist evil in World War II. More than 1 million 800 thousand Kazakhstanis went to the front, half of whom did not return to their homeland. They showed courage in the war. 500 of our compatriots received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. To provide the front with weapons, food and ammunition, home front workers worked day and night selflessly.

The Great Patriotic War affected almost every family, every corner of our Motherland. And, despite the past years, we carefully cherish the memory of the events of that time in our hearts. We bow our heads before the feat of the heroes of fire years.

The victory went to a huge price of countless sacrifices. Nowadays the living generation always remembers this. Today, in peacetime, we honor and remember those, thanks to whom we can work in peace, enjoy life and raise our children! Thanks to them, our heroes who have given all their strength for the Victory, we make plans for the future and we can calmly think about tomorrow! This holiday is special for every person in our country.

On Victory Day, we pay tribute to the heroism of our fathers and grandfathers, remember our heroes, show even more attention to our dear war and labor veterans, who make an invaluable contribution to the cause of promoting peace and patriotism among the younger generation. This heroic day remains an eternal memorable page of our history.

Dear war veterans and home front workers, Kazakhstanis! Congratulations on the Great Victory Day! We wish you good health, long life, a peaceful sky over your head, happiness and well-being to you and your families!

Press service of the Center for Olympic training in cycling