The results of the Center's athletes at the World Championships in Bergen


From 16 to 24 September in Bergen, Norway, the main start of the post-Olympic season was the world cycling championship on the highway-2017.

The best sportsmen of the world competed in team, individual and group types of the program.

Your attention is offered the final result of the athletes of the Olympic Training Center for cycling at the World Championships:

Results of an individual race among juniors at 21.1 km:

5th place - Zhang Igor

25 place - Brusensky Gleb

32 place - Fedorov Evgeny

78 participants took part from 45 countries of the world in this form.

The results of the individual race among juniors at 16.1 km

21 place - Kournosova Marina

37 place - Soloveva Angela

The results of the group race among juniors for 135.5 km:

9 place - Fedorov Evgeniy

11 place - Baembayev Olzhas

34 place - Brusensk Hleb

40 place - Nurlyhasym Nurbergen

45 place - Zhang Igor

61st place - Marukhin Daniil

In this form, 190 juniors from 63 countries took part.

Results of the group race among juniors at 76.4 km:

61st place - PashchenkoSvetlana

71 place - Verkinika Myrksina

77th place - Kournosova Marina

Press Service of the Cycling Bicycle